how to interpret tarot cards

TAROT HACK: How to interpret Tarot cards the easy way!

Alright, I have officially thrown in the towel that is Tarot Tuesday. In the darkly humorous science fiction world of our current reality, weekdays no longer seem relevant anyway. Let’s be real: I can’t keep track of what day of the week it is, and neither can you, most likely. But one thing will always be certain: I am incapable of going longer than a week without talking about Tarot. So here we go again!

Call it what you want: Tarot time, Tarot talk, Tarot tips, Tarot tip talk time… anyway. This week instead of picking a Tarot card to chat about, I am switching things up! I have a fabulous Tarot tip to bestow upon your magical self: a game-changing Tarot hack. Lazy witches rejoice! It’s time to learn how to interpret Tarot cards the easy way.

Yes, Tarot cards come with a shortcut. While it can certainly be rewarding to delve into their complexities, it is not the only way! Tarot cards are all about connecting you with your intuition. You don’t need to memorize every standard meaning of every card to read Tarot cards like a pro! All you need is your intuition, baby.

Especially if you are a beginner to Tarot, it can be overwhelming to try to remember all the details of what everything is supposed to mean. Even as a seasoned Tarot reader you can get caught up in the details. So no matter where you are in your Tarot journey, try this technique to zoom out and get a fresh perspective!

Technically this shortcut combines not one but TWO awesome Tarot hacks! The first hack is the easiest (and just might be the coolest) way to select your cards. The second part is using your intuition to actually interpret your cards. I’ll break it down for ya!


What is the easiest way to draw Tarot cards?

Let the cards draw themselves!

Yes, you heard me right. To do this, simply shuffle your cards using a freestyle method – that is to say, any way you want! Throw your Vegas techniques out the window, folks. Use your intuition and do what you want!

The messier, the better, because the goal here is to have a couple cards pop out. I like to randomly sift the cards through my hands until something falls to my feet. I’m not saying you should brutalize your cards – just ruffle them up a bit so your answer flies free!

When cards jump out at you, by slipping or falling away from the deck, that is a message for you to pay attention to!

Sometimes one card might fall, sometimes several. If a huge chunk of cards or half the deck falls, just try again! Once you have your cards, it’s time to move on to…


The best Tarot advice I ever received was to look at the cards.


Just look at the cards.

Don’t get caught up on what each card is “supposed” to mean.

What do YOU think they mean?

When you initially look at the cards, what is your FIRST thought that comes to mind?

That first thought is your intuition speaking! No matter what Tarot deck you are working with, the cards always have some type of subliminal symbolism going on. Your intuition will tap into this way before your rational mind gets there. So why wait?

Look for clues in how the cards make you feel when you see them. What do the cards look like they could be trying to portray?

Another awesome Tarot trick to instantly interpret your reading is to look at what relationship the cards may have to one another. For example, if the subject in one card is facing the one in the next, what could they be trying to communicate to each other?

Zoom out and look at the big picture. What is your first thought? That first thought is usually right!

Feel free to look up the documented meanings of each card after, and compare them to your intuitive reaction. You might surprise yourself at how accurate you were without even trying! And THAT is how you hack the Tarot.

If there is one thing you take away from tonight’s Tarot talk, let it be this: All you need to know how to interpret Tarot cards is your intuition. And you already have that, so you already have all you need!

Happy hacking, Tarot tricksters!

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