Super Pink Moon?!?

No, it’s not a reference to my butt!

Tonight into tomorrow we will be experiencing the biggest, brightest, and most epic full moon of the year! This full moon will move to its closest point to the earth in its orbit, appearing extra huge and magical. (Hence the term “supermoon.”) I wish I could tell you it’s also going to turn pink, but that is just a term for this time of year’s full moon, named after the pink flowers that tend to pop up in early spring. Still, the Super Pink Moon is a powerful phenomenon, and a perfect opportunity to come together (in spirit) and raise our collective energy to contribute to a world in need. You are cordially invited to join me in a Super Pink Moon blessing ritual to help add healing peaceful energy to our atmosphere!

This moon will be 99% or more full from April 6th through 8th, but the night of the 7th is when it reaches its fullest state. I will be performing this ritual for the next three nights because this powerful phase is compelling me to DO THE MOST! Feel free to join me by doing this same practice any or all of these evenings. Any time you put a positive intention out into the world, you are contributing to the good in the world. When you supercharge your positive intentions with the power of a blessing ritual, you are emphasizing its importance to the universe. And when these blessings come from multiple sources, the power of our combined energy will be amplified, helping to raise and heal the collective vibrations around us.

All you need for this ritual is a candle – the perfect focus point on which to concentrate energetic intentions. Please light the candle and, sitting or standing in front of it, focus on the flame, breathing deeply. Turn your mind and emotional body to thoughts and feelings of healing and well-being. Visualize the strong nurturing arms of this energy embracing and cradling our planet. Carefully, outstretch your palms towards the flame just close enough so that you can feel some warmth. Take a deep inhale, and on the exhale, put your hands over your heart, right hand over left. Picture this warmth as a soft glow that spreads outward from your heart to the whole planet, encompassing it and mirroring the full moon’s luminosity. When you are ready, say the following words out loud:

“Thank you for our health. Thank you for our strength. Thank you for our peace. Blessed, and so shall it always be.”

Take a deep breath while feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the health and peace that is now flowing in abundance around you. On your exhale, blow out the candle, and watch your powerfully charged healing energy waft gently into the world with the smoke. Congratulations friend, you have now successfully contributed peaceful healing energy to a planet that needs it now more than ever.

It may be true that many factors in life are out of our control, but we always are in control of what kind of energy we contribute to the world around us. This may seem like a small gesture, but under the influence of this big bright beautiful supermoon, it is charged with a powerful intention that will send a blessing of much-needed healing out into our collective consciousness.

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