supplement your life! (with CBD)

Hello, fabulous creatures! I hope you guys are finding ways to seek comfort what with the crazy situation of the world and all.

Look, I’m sure most if not all of you have heard of CBD by now, and some of you might even be tired of hearing about it. Listen, I’m not here to make any extraordinary miracle claims about how CBD is going to save you from the pandemic. I’m just here to give a gentle reminder that it exists, and it’s worth looking into right now. After all, you can still get it delivered to your house!

To give the briefest overview ever, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of many cannabinoids, or compounds, found within the cannabis plant. CBD on its own is non-psychoactive and interacts with various receptors throughout our bodies to promote homeostasis, or ideal functioning. This is why it can have such a variety of benefits. And because it is so low-impact on the body, it tends not to have any side-effects or drawbacks. It’s perfect for when you just need a little something to take the edge off whatever you’re going through. And chill vibes = a magical life, so I’m here to spread the word.

The effects of CBD are subtle, and I can only describe it as, you just feel better. It can ease physical pain and inflammation as well as provide relief from anxiety and insomnia. It’s basically a chill pill. And due to its recent popularity, it is now widely available in many forms. So the question really just is, how would you prefer to consume it?

I have been enjoying the various yummy CBD beverages available today – after giving up alcohol, they satisfy my craving for a treat at the end of the day. Some of my favorites that you can get delivered are DRAM, Sprig, Recess, and Vybes. These drinks come in a variety of amazing flavors and are not too sweet, plus they make me feel super chilled out. I think by far the most convenient way to consume CBD though is through instant-release breath strips and mints. I get mine from VT-CBD as they’re delicious, made from organic ingredients, and 25mg per dose which seems to be the sweet spot. They are a super sweet family-owned business and gave me a discount code for you guys if you would like to try! (“EmilyRuth” for 20% off.)

I am thankful to have something to chill me out that doesn’t overwhelm my sensitive self and just wanted to share my experience in case it helps! Please always feel free to let me know if you have any questions or find any other products I should try. (I heard something about CBD bath bombs and am intrigued.) We can get our chill on together.

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