Manifest your best life!

I’M BACK after having a very intense emotional experience during our last full moon. Did you feel it too? Apparently there are a lot of funky cosmic shifts going on (but then again, when is that not true?) and although I felt like I should have harnessed some of that energy to generate some fun full moon content, I ended up getting so swept up in the intensity of my feelings that all I could do was just be. But I did a lot of thinking about what it is I’m trying to do on this giant rock in space, and what I want to manifest. And how do you manifest stuff anyway?

Witchy friends, I might be all about good vibes and rainbows, but it would be dishonest not to acknowledge the clouds too. I’m not a perfectly enlightened guru chilling on top of a mountain giving lofty advice to weary travelers. I’m a weary traveler too, searching as much for inner peace and wisdom as anyone else. We are on this path together, so let us discover together. Today I’m suggesting we share a spiritual experiment: let’s try our hands at manifesting the lives we want to create for ourselves.

All the available advice for ~manifesting your destiny~ I could find said to picture the future you want and imagine, feel, and speak as if you already have it. Sounds easy enough, but one thing that always bugged me about that was that the jump from my reality to my imagined one was that the stark contrast between the two only seemed to emphasize how far away I felt from my goals. How can we bridge the gap between the two?

I turned this idea over and over in my head and found another way to practice this. What if I wrote a love letter to myself, describing how I am setting up the life I want to manifest through my current actions? We start to feel lost when we lose our sense of purpose. If we take a closer look at the intentions behind the moves we make, we can be reminded of why we are doing what we are doing, and what kind of future it will create. Sometimes it’s easy to forget — I know I’ve spent my fair share of time chugging along through life not even sure what my goals are.

Good additions to this love letter include: qualities in yourself you are working on and how they will help you, things you are currently grateful for that you intend to nurture and grow (and how), anything you might have learned about yourself that helps you understand who you are, and seeds you are planting now that will blossom in the future.  (And keep adding if you think of anything else!) Try tucking this letter somewhere safe and accessible as a reminder for why you gotta keep on trying!

I started working on this and realized I have much more to be thankful for and look forward to than I thought, and that I am surrounded by opportunities I would have otherwise overlooked. Honestly, I felt hopeless before starting this exercise, and only did it in a last-ditch effort to get a grip, with the attitude of “why the heck not.” As an eternally optimistic individual, I have been struggling with recent changes in my emotional landscape that aren’t so positive. There have been many moments where I have felt like I am sitting in a sad lonely vortex of limitless doom. If you’ve been there too, I get you! But after taking some time to really reflect on myself, how far I’ve come, and where my path is taking me, I’m incredibly thankful to say that I have a reassuring sense of intention that I was definitely lacking before.

So here’s the journey I would like to embark on with you (if you’re down!) — let’s put this manifestation business to the test. Let’s really give it a try and see how possible it really is to create the lives we’ve always dreamed of living through the power of positive thought. Let’s start with love letters, and meet again for another adventure next week. Happy creating!

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