Bewitch your wardrobe: Classic witchy style elements that always work like a charm!

Welcome back, witches! I hope everyone had a wonderful new moon / St. Patrick’s / weekend. I just wrapped up my birthday celebrations (it was the 16th, but I made it my birthday WEEK) and I’m here to share some of my favorite elements of classic witchy style. We’re all familiar with the stereotypical “witch” caricature and while not all of the associations that may come to mind are pretty (I’ll pass on the warts), there are several essential witchy style details that are enduringly timeless and can add a touch of magic to any ensemble.

Just a quick disclaimer – this post is just for fun! We all know there is so much more to being a witch than looking the part. But the witchy look is IN and we have more options than ever before, so why not explore? I have linked my favorite resources for bewitching goods below – no one paid me for this either, so you’re really just getting my honest recommendations here. So without further ado, here are my picks and why I think these witchy staples are here to stay!

witchy shoes
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Pointy shoes!
Few things tie together an outfit as efficiently as a pointed shoe, right? That’s why they’re one of my favorite ways to bewitch any ensemble. Whether it’s a pointed flat, a snappy heel, or the perfect pair of pointy boots, a tapered toe is a sophisticated touch that looks as magical as it is stylish. You’ll be wishing you get crushed by a house just so you can keep showing them off! My go-to pairs are from YRU and Dolls Kill, two awesome resources for magical footwear.

An adorned hand!
There’s something ethereal, intriguing, and way wizardy about a decked-out magical looking hand. Pointy tips aren’t just for shoes, you know – a pointed fingernail shape creates a little bit of a fantasy effect and I am (obviously) SO here for it! I wish I could get away with longer nails for extra effect, but I am super clumsy and cannot be trusted not to break them. (I recommend you just go for it so I can live my long claw dreams through you!) For even more sparkle magic, I absolutely love the look of assorted rings. I tend to find mine by randomly stumbling into street faire vendors and crystal shop sales, but there are tons of amazing sources to find super witchy accessories online – Shop Dixi and Verameat are great places to start!

bell sleeve
Bell sleeves!
Ahhh, what better way to serve up an enchanting vibe than a glorious billowing bell sleeve? (Just watch yourself if you plan on eating soup!) Besides being totally fabulous and full of a little 60s hippie flair, bell sleeves create a romantic shape and add the perfect amount of drama to your ensemble. They emphasize every gesture and create a flowy silhouette you won’t get lost in, especially if the rest of the dress is more fitted. The dress pictured above, below, and in the first image is from Tobi.

A black hat!
According to Mark Twain, the hat makes the witch. This one doesn’t have to be pointy, but bonus points if it is! I love a broad-brimmed black sunhat à la Lydia Deetz of Beetlejuice. I have seen some witchy looking cowboy hats and honestly, I even think a slouchy black beanie can totally add to your magical mysteriousness! Hats can be tricky so you really need to go with what feels right and flattering for you. My favorite place to find and experiment with all kinds of hats is at the flea market – they have all kinds of super affordable styles so you are bound to find something that makes you feel spellbound!

opalite pendant
Crystal pendants!
By now you already know I am a huge fan of wearing crystals. Yes, they add an instant touch of magic to any outfit, but they also help you consciously choose what kind of person you want to be when you select what crystal you want to wear. Today I’m wearing opalite because it is thought to be a high-vibration crystal, meaning it pulses with energy that can help you keep up with life, just as it keeps up with reflecting many colors at once. I’m recovering from my birthday celebrations and some minor health issues, so this crystal was my first choice for steering my energy back on track. One of the most awesome resources for affordable, beautiful pendants like this is Etsy! You can find pretty much any crystal, chain length, price, etc. on there, so what are you waiting for?

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The (most) obvious: moon and star all the things!
Luckily we live in an era where crescent moons, pentagrams, and pentacles are widely available and TRENDING. I’m happy that these beautiful symbols are getting more time in the spotlight! I collect various baubles and magical items from various sources and that’s as much of an adventure as wearing them! One of my favorite resources for all things ambiguously ethereal is definitely Dolls Kill – just watch for the sales and you can end up scoring really amazing pieces like this jewelry dish and the larger silver earrings for under $10!

So there’s nothing wrong with a little witchy cliche in your looks – just make these elements feel super modern by making them your own, and there you have it, you’ve bewitched your style!

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