A quick & simple morning ritual to supercharge your day

Since we are about to roll into a brand new week I figured I’d share my favorite witchy morning practice to start the day off right! Think of this as a super efficient mini mindfulness meditation designed to set your intentions for the day. Whether you have five minutes or no minutes, this easy yet effective routine can be snuck into even the most hectic of mornings and will help hone your focus on whatever it is you need to accomplish!

So put on some music that will get you hyped up, head over to where you usually get ready, and try following these steps to get your mind primed to face whatever lies in store for you next.

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1. Incense!
Pick an incense that represents whatever you would like to focus on, strengthen, or accomplish. Many metaphysical / smoke shops have some incredibly specific varieties available for less than a dollar. You can totally get fancy with handmade blends or certain herbs if you want, too! My favorite place to get incense here in SF is Love of Ganesha — it’s a magical place with tons of affordable selection. The mystical swirls of smoke and otherworldly scents that incense produces will help your mind connect with what you really want. Today I chose to use the rather cheekily named “Bewitching” incense since I’m officially launching my blog! (Yay!!!)

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2. Set a magical mood!
Light your incense (make sure you’re doing this in a ventilated area of course) and if you want, wave it in a circle above your head three times while thinking about what you’d like to manifest today. Set the incense in a holder beside you so it can gently waft over your space as you get ready. Its scent will subtly serve as a reminder of your conscious choice to direct your focus for the day.

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3. Pick a crystal or totem to set beside you.
If you have a crystal that represents the qualities you want to bring out in yourself today, set it next to your incense. If you have multiple crystals and a little more time, feel free to set them out in a small grid to amplify their energies and serve as a more prominent reminder for your daily intentions. And if you are new to all this witchy business and haven’t started a crystal collection yet (it’s only a matter of time!), definitely feel free to use any small object that feels special to you as a little totem for what you want your mind to dwell on. I chose citrine because I’m ready to boldly shine my love on the world as I share this message!

(A quick side note on crystals!)
I use crystals in one way or another every day. Why? You might have heard that different crystals vibrate with different frequencies that send out and receive certain energies that can influence those who interact with them. I believe in this, but whether or not you do, the reality is that crystals have a stunning appearance that can bring to mind certain concepts, emotions, or ideas just by looking at or holding them. Whether or not you feel sensitive to the energy that crystals produce, they can serve as a beautiful reminder to direct your focus on whatever it is they represent to you. I feel that it’s very helpful to have a visual and tangible representation of my goals, and crystals serve that purpose in a remarkable way. If you’re new to crystals and aren’t sure where to start, try visiting a shop and seeing what speaks to you most. Quartz is always a safe bet as it’s known for helping charge, balance, and amplify any energy you would like to send out.

4. Pick a card, any card…
If you have a tarot deck or oracle cards, you can either draw a card at random or intentionally choose one to signify what you want to exemplify in your daily activities. If you don’t have a deck, don’t fret! Take a little notecard and either draw a symbol or write a mini mantra as a further reminder for you today. I chose the Sun card because today is a very celebratory breakthrough for me — I’m finally bringing this blog from the dark recesses of my imagination into the bright light of the world! (I’m so cheesy it hurts sometimes, I know.) But as a super introverted person this is actually pretty daunting so it really helps to have a happy bright image representing the awesomeness of bringing my ideas to fruition! You can set your card with your crystals / totem before the incense and voila!

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You now have a supercharged morning altar specific for your day!

5. Let this mini altar influence your morning thoughts!
Feel free to go about your morning routine as usual with your fabulous little manifestation station at your side! Allow yourself to glance over at what you have created as you get ready and let this be a physical reminder of where you would like your focus to be. You have an enchanting fragrance wafting through the air and a beautiful visual collection of your mind’s intentions for today. Whether your intention was to de-stress, to communicate effectively with others, to accomplish a difficult task, or even to just radiate love through your actions, you now have something to think back on throughout the events of your day. Feel free to leave it up for you to come home to (make sure the incense goes out before you leave though! A safe witch is a happy witch!) so you can reflect on its influence as you ready yourself to sleep.

I hope these tips help you kick off your week with a magical start! If you have any advice you’d like to share about bewitching your morning routine, I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for joining me this week!

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