love spells, hexes, and how not to turn your love spell into a hex

Love spells, hexes, and how not to turn your love spell into a hex!

What is up witchy friends?!?

Last Friday I celebrated my 3 year anniversary of self partnership! In honor of this occasion I decided to share my knowledge and experience regarding love spells, hexes, and how not to turn your hex into a love spell! (Hey, I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.)

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spell crafting

Build-A-Spell Workshop!

Welcome to my workshop, witches! If you were a 90s-ish baby, you might possess a vague childhood memory of taking a factory tour to custom build a stuffed animal. I’m here to take you on the magically-inclined adult version! What I have compiled for you here is a basic guide to building your own spells. I believe that there is a special power in crafting your own spells; you are infusing their every detail with your intentions. Whether you’re new to spell crafting or seeking further inspiration, this build-a-spell workshop is full of the most important details to keep in mind.

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Enchant your tea with this spell to chill you out

Did this last full moon feel especially intense for you? Maybe it’s just the state of the world right now, but something feels a little heavy in the aftermath of that SUPER PINK MOOOOOON!!!!!! Yes, I do have to say it like that, because that is how extra this moon was! I mean, look at this picture my friend Amy took of it rising above San Francisco!!!

Anyway, I think we all need to wind down a bit. Let’s just take things down a notch and chill tonight and make ourselves a cup of tea, okay? And while we’re at it, I’ll teach you a way to enchant your brew. Witches are excellent multitaskers, haven’t you heard?

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