epic air plant hub haul

WEIRDEST WILDEST houseplant haul EVER! The most EPIC types of air plant / tillandsia! (AIR PLANT HUB)

What is up, weird, wild, and wonderful witches?

You don’t have to answer that. I know.

Here is another question I don’t expect you to answer: ARE YOU READY FOR THE MOST EPIC AIR PLANT HAUL EVER? I already know you can’t wait to see all the coolest air plant varieties fresh out of the box from Air Plant Hub! Join me for a fun houseplant haul / unboxing and to check out some specimens that look like they should be growing on another planet in a distant galaxy… yet here they are!

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all about air plants

All about air plants: how to care for different varieties, why they’re so awesome, and more!

Ahhh, air plants! These funky little guys, also known as Tillandsia, absorb water and nutrients from tiny crystalline trichomes on their leaves, never requiring the fuss of pots or soil! Although they have gained a reputation for being an “easy” beginner plant, after careful research I learned they do require a bit of specialized care. Different air plants have different personalities and preferences! Determined to be the best plant parent I can be, I have searched the Internet far and wide for information on how to care for all the different varieties of air plants. Now that I have been successfully caring for (and steadily growing my collection) of air plants for over a year, I feel confident that the knowledge I have acquired is worth sharing. Now you too can crack the code of these magical and mysterious life forms!

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A flower appreciation post

Hello!!! Happy springtime!

I hope you’ve had somewhat of a chance to hear birds singing and watch flowers blooming! Out here in San Francisco, flowers are popping up everywhere, even my backyard! Hopefully you don’t have to go too far to see at least one flower nearby! And if you don’t have any flowers in your life right now, maybe get an airplant. When super happy, they produce colorful flowers that last a long time, and they are super easy to care for. Check out my Stricta Moonglow, and more flower appreciation after the jump:

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some peaceful plant programming to give your brain a break

I know we’ve been isolated from the outside world for quite some time, but is anyone else feeling bombarded? Especially for those of us with empathic tendencies, the heaviness of the world right now can easily feel like it’s settling on our shoulders. While I agree it is a reasonable thing to stay aware of our current situation, I think it’s also important to take regular breaks from all the news. I’m not a huge fan of spending tons of time watching TV, but I know it can feel nice to play something relaxing for a little while to take your mind off a reality that feels like it’s been taken over by the screenwriters of Game of Thrones. (Which I would NOT recommend watching for relaxation, by the way.) I kid you not, last night I felt a huge wave of empathic anxiety coming on, and totally chilled it the fuck out thanks to watching the following material. So to pay it forward and give all of our brains a much-needed break, today I’ll be sharing one of my go-to relaxation techniques: watching my favorite plant channels on YouTube!

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air plant

connecting with plant consciousness

Plants! Whether you live in a jungle, a concrete jungle, or somewhere in between, chances are you’ve walked past at least one plant today. You may have passed by without a mere thought in its direction, but next time you may want to pause for a second and say hi!

Just like us, plants are expressions of life. Every living thing is an outward expression of life. If you take a moment to truly stop and look, you can get a sense of the kind of life each living thing is expressing. Take looking at a person, for example. Just by watching someone, you can read their facial expression, their body language, perhaps even the type of energy they embody. Taking the time to note these characteristics can give you helpful information. In much the same way, you can get to know plants, and I’d like to share how this can be helpful to you too.

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