all about air plants

All about air plants: how to care for different varieties, why they’re so awesome, and more!

Ahhh, air plants! These funky little guys, also known as Tillandsia, absorb water and nutrients from tiny crystalline trichomes on their leaves, never requiring the fuss of pots or soil! Although they have gained a reputation for being an “easy” beginner plant, after careful research I learned they do require a bit of specialized care. Different air plants have different personalities and preferences! Determined to be the best plant parent I can be, I have searched the Internet far and wide for information on how to care for all the different varieties of air plants. Now that I have been successfully caring for (and steadily growing my collection) of air plants for over a year, I feel confident that the knowledge I have acquired is worth sharing. Now you too can crack the code of these magical and mysterious life forms!

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