what we know but forgot


Hello, my fellow multidimensional beings!

I wrote a love letter to you, and to life. It is a gentle reminder that the magic of our universe is always accessible, as long as you choose to tune in.

Designed to be a simple companion for meditation, contemplation, and manifestation, this little book is packed with powerful phrases to instantly shift your mindset. These words are an invitation to reconnect with the magic of our universal consciousness.

Read WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT to remember what you already know, but may have forgotten: that we are all interconnected, all different faces of life itself. By reconnecting with this greater context, we can regain our power to manifest our soul’s purpose and dreams.

In just 30 lovingly assembled pages, I present to you a simple guide to truly BEING. Please reference as a reminder any time you feel lost or disconnected, and let these words bring you back to your magic.

WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is out now on Kindle! Please check it out and let it bring you peace, love, happiness, and an eternal reminder of your limitless potential.

what we know but forgot


Hello honorable humans!

I have bundled my magical attitude to life up in 30 little pages… and am very pleased to announced I will be releasing it out into the world tomorrow!

WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is half poetry, half love letter to the spirit. It is a mini guide to meditation and contemplation; just a friendly nudge from the perspective of the universe. For funsies I have paired a few snippets from the book with some of my favorite recent cloudscapes.

Update: WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is out now! Check it out on Kindle to instantly add more magic to your life!

I hope these happy images brighten your day / night!

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how to use psychedelic meditation

How to use psychedelic meditation to free your mind

Well hello again! Yesterday’s discussion of psychedelics and meditation left me intrigued. While researching the topic, I discovered SO MUCH MORE than anticipated, especially on the topic of “psychedelic meditation” – meditation specifically intended to induce a particularly “psychedelic” state of consciousness (no substances required). I found out that a variety of psychedelic meditation practices exist, yet many techniques are trademarked and only practiced in special group settings behind closed doors (for some serious $$$). Today, my goal is to make the magic of psychedelic meditation feel a little more accessible to the world. All earthlings are welcome here!

Let’s talk about how you can use psychedelic meditation in your personal practice at home. Better yet, let’s talk about how to use psychedelic meditation to free your mind and make positive changes in your life!

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why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar

Why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar?

Years before I tried any psychedelics or even cannabis, I had a pretty trippy experience through meditation alone. At the end of an intense breath work class I lay down to close my eyes, and was met with bright exploding fractals and mandalas cavorting across my closed eyelids. These visuals were accompanied by a feeling that I was melting into the floor and the world around me. I felt a sense of oneness with the world that felt both strange and familiar, and made me start to giggle. Years later when I had an opportunity to experience psychedelics, I couldn’t help but notice that they often took me to the same post-meditation mindset. The more I asked around, the more I realized I was not alone in this. So what gives?

Why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar? The simple answer is that they influence the brain in similar ways. Both meditation and psychedelics affect, among other things, a regulatory system in our brains called the Default Mode Network (DMN). This network of neuronal connections is thought to be responsible for the “autobiographical self,” our mental framework that maintains an individual’s story and sense of self over time. Both meditation and psychedelics quiet the DMN’s activity, allowing a wider variety of neuronal connections and mental processes to take place.

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third eye

chakra challenge: 2020 vision for the third eye

Welcome to a weird weekend, where nothing makes sense anymore! Or is everything just making a different type of sense as we realize nothing is quite as it used to seem? Speaking of trippy thoughts, today we’ll be getting up close and personal with the third eye.

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heart opening

Act now: try this mini meditation today to reset your whole outlook on life!

What a week, world!

We are seeing so many rapid changes to life all over the planet. Here in San Francisco and much of the surrounding area, all residents have received a “shelter in place” order, which effectively means we have to stay at home for the next three weeks! (We are permitted to go outside to take a solo walk or do essential activities, but that’s about it.) These instructions come under undoubtedly scary circumstances, but seeing as the uncertain future is largely out of our control, we need to turn our attention to what we can do.

It is all too easy to succumb to fear in the face of the unknown. But who is that helping? It’s been scientifically proven that stress is crappy for your immune system. And whether you spend this time panicking or doing something productive, the time will pass anyway. We may not know exactly what lies ahead, but we know that we have this time to pause and collect ourselves. Life rarely takes such a significant pause. I hereby propose that we take this time to reflect and recharge so we can move forward with strength when the time comes. This time offers an opportunity to realign ourselves with what matters most.

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journal meditation

Where do we go now? This post-solstice journal meditation will carry you out of the darkness and into the light

The darkest times are over, really: December 21st brought us the longest night of the year, also known as the winter solstice, and with it, the year’s longest visible full moon. To see the culmination of our darkest nights meet the bright glow of our fully illuminated moon was a powerful reminder that just as the sky can move from shadows into light, so can our consciousness. It is no new school of thought to view the end of the year as a time to shed what is no longer serving us, and direct our focus where it is truly needed. But this isn’t just a time to make a new year’s resolution and call it a day (or night); it is a time to reflect inward on what truly matters to you, and how you can move forward with intent to better align your life with your soul’s purpose. This journal meditation will assist you in processing what you have been through, so you can learn from it and decide where to go from here.

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