what we know but forgot


Hello, my fellow multidimensional beings!

I wrote a love letter to you, and to life. It is a gentle reminder that the magic of our universe is always accessible, as long as you choose to tune in.

Designed to be a simple companion for meditation, contemplation, and manifestation, this little book is packed with powerful phrases to instantly shift your mindset. These words are an invitation to reconnect with the magic of our universal consciousness.

Read WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT to remember what you already know, but may have forgotten: that we are all interconnected, all different faces of life itself. By reconnecting with this greater context, we can regain our power to manifest our soul’s purpose and dreams.

In just 30 lovingly assembled pages, I present to you a simple guide to truly BEING. Please reference as a reminder any time you feel lost or disconnected, and let these words bring you back to your magic.

WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is out now on Kindle! Please check it out and let it bring you peace, love, happiness, and an eternal reminder of your limitless potential.

What comes after the new moon? Work, honey!

A new moon crossed the sky on Monday, and here we are in a sort of cosmic grey area for those of us who like to take into consideration its phases. It is said that the three days before and after new and full moons are still brimming with the phase’s energy. But where is the best place to cast our focus in this particular time – just after the new moon?

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the moon tarot

give yourself a fresh start

Spiritual pep talk time! Logging into this blog just now felt like busting open a REALLY creaky door in the middle of the night, probably waking up a roommate. (Am I still welcome here?!?) I’m ashamed to say I nearly abandoned this magical place!
I have a confession to make. I’m not a witch for a living (although I hope someday to cast a spell that pays the bills). I have a full time day job and a dog just like you. For a time I really just let my life get in the way of, uh, well, my life. Has this ever happened to you?

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Manifest your best life!

I’M BACK after having a very intense emotional experience during our last full moon. Did you feel it too? Apparently there are a lot of funky cosmic shifts going on (but then again, when is that not true?) and although I felt like I should have harnessed some of that energy to generate some fun full moon content, I ended up getting so swept up in the intensity of my feelings that all I could do was just be. But I did a lot of thinking about what it is I’m trying to do on this giant rock in space, and what I want to manifest. And how do you manifest stuff anyway?

Witchy friends, I might be all about good vibes and rainbows, but it would be dishonest not to acknowledge the clouds too. I’m not a perfectly enlightened guru chilling on top of a mountain giving lofty advice to weary travelers. I’m a weary traveler too, searching as much for inner peace and wisdom as anyone else. We are on this path together, so let us discover together. Today I’m suggesting we share a spiritual experiment: let’s try our hands at manifesting the lives we want to create for ourselves.

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