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chakra challenge: a reminder to live from the heart

Hello and welcome to the wrinkle of time in which this blog post now exists! I’m glad you’ve stumbled into this little internet wormhole because today we’re chatting about a subject that is near and dear to my heart: the heart chakra!

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heart opening

Act now: try this mini meditation today to reset your whole outlook on life!

What a week, world!

We are seeing so many rapid changes to life all over the planet. Here in San Francisco and much of the surrounding area, all residents have received a “shelter in place” order, which effectively means we have to stay at home for the next three weeks! (We are permitted to go outside to take a solo walk or do essential activities, but that’s about it.) These instructions come under undoubtedly scary circumstances, but seeing as the uncertain future is largely out of our control, we need to turn our attention to what we can do.

It is all too easy to succumb to fear in the face of the unknown. But who is that helping? It’s been scientifically proven that stress is crappy for your immune system. And whether you spend this time panicking or doing something productive, the time will pass anyway. We may not know exactly what lies ahead, but we know that we have this time to pause and collect ourselves. Life rarely takes such a significant pause. I hereby propose that we take this time to reflect and recharge so we can move forward with strength when the time comes. This time offers an opportunity to realign ourselves with what matters most.

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