the moon tarot card

Tarot Tuesday on a Thursday because time is an illusion and HAVE YOU NOTICED THE MOON LATELY???

Wow, y’all really let me get away with skipping Tarot Tuesday, huh? I’ll admit, in the absence of a regular routine, my concept of time has been completely distorted! It feels like just yesterday we were talking about the Hanged Man, but that was over a week ago! Anyway, welcome back to your Tarot Tuesday, on a Thursday.

Last night’s epic full moon in Scorpio really captured my full attention! Sometimes I don’t feel much during the buildup towards the full moon, but throughout the week I became increasingly aware of a palpable intensity in the air. Turns out I wasn’t alone; several friends have reached out to me describing a particular feeling of restlessness, passionate energy, and drive to DO something! So it sounds like the perfect time to discuss one of my favorite cards, THE MOON!

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Super Pink Moon?!?

No, it’s not a reference to my butt!

Tonight into tomorrow we will be experiencing the biggest, brightest, and most epic full moon of the year! This full moon will move to its closest point to the earth in its orbit, appearing extra huge and magical. (Hence the term “supermoon.”) I wish I could tell you it’s also going to turn pink, but that is just a term for this time of year’s full moon, named after the pink flowers that tend to pop up in early spring. Still, the Super Pink Moon is a powerful phenomenon, and a perfect opportunity to come together (in spirit) and raise our collective energy to contribute to a world in need. You are cordially invited to join me in a Super Pink Moon blessing ritual to help add healing peaceful energy to our atmosphere!

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Big Moon Energy: Your Super Blood Wolf Moon Survival Guide

Who’s afraid of the big bad super blood wolf moon? Not us! The name might sound menacing, but all it means is that the first full moon of the year is featuring a lunar eclipse! This Sunday, the Leo full moon will appear closer and larger than usual. Eclipses are said to be catalysts for change, and this one will be no exception; astrologers have been warning us about the life changing aspects of this phenomenon for weeks! Read on for more information on how to harness the Big Moon Energy for good.

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march 31 blue moon

What the blue moon means, and how it can help you glow too

It’s the last day of March, but what else makes this time special? It’s the night of the second blue moon this year! I keep blurting this out excitedly, and the reaction I get is mostly, “Cool… so what does it mean?”

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