No one should have to struggle to breathe on the only planet we know of where breathing is even possible.

We need to talk about this…

George Floyd. Eric Garner. Breonna Taylor. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Michael Brown. Philando Castile. Tony McDade. And so many others robbed of their breath at the hands of law enforcement throughout its cruel history.

A pandemic robbing the world of its breath in a different way, disproportionately affecting black communities.

Violent cops tear gassing peaceful protesters.

All this is happening on the surface of Earth. Earth, the only planet that we know of where anyone actually can breathe. How can humanity be so cruel to itself?

No one should have to struggle to breathe on the only planet we know of where breathing is even possible.

There is hope to be found in everyone rising up and demanding that things can not go on as they have been.

Thank you to everyone donating, protesting, spreading awareness, and fighting for what is right. Let’s keep it going.

For a list of ways to lend your support, petitions to sign, and other resources, please click here. And just a friendly reminder, if you are doing work in support of Black Lives Matter or any related organization, you can hit me up anytime for some Tarot love on the house.

You are loved. You are beautiful. Keep standing up for what you know is right.

lightning strikes Washington monument the tower tarot

Lightning Strikes Washington Monument: The Tower Tarot Card IRL

Thursday, June 4th, 2020: People continue to rise up all over our country and the world to demand change against racial injustice and inequality. The president of the United States is ramping up his efforts to sic not just the police, but the MILITARY against its own citizens. People are dying in record numbers from a deadly pandemic and the government that is supposed to protect its people is executing and imprisoning them.

As what was once at least masquerading as a democracy veers ominously towards a dangerous and evil dictatorship, a colossal bolt of lightning strikes the Washington monument. This display eerily mirrors not just the iconic imagery of the Tower Tarot card, but everything it represents.

While all Tarot cards convey aspects of the human experience, it is rare to see such a literal depiction, especially one SO fitting in its context. As the lightning struck the Washington monument, it created an iconic Tower Tarot card moment IRL. What is most poignant about this dramatic recreation of the Tower card’s symbolism is what it represents: the downfall of an infrastructure that was not built to last.

In traditional illustrations of the Tower card, the foundation on which the structure was built is clearly unstable. The most literal meaning of this card is the collapse of something that was flawed from the start. Seems almost TOO fitting.

The white supremacist system the United States of America was founded upon was flawed from the start. We are not witnessing the sudden crumbling of something that was working up until now; it was NOT working. The foundation was not just cracked, it was twisted as fuck and certainly not built to support its people. We are witnessing a breaking point that has been centuries in the making.

As scary as this imagery and the world around us may feel right now, there is some measure of hope to be found here. In the Tower card’s illustration, the “divine intervention” of the lightning strike knocks the crown of power right off, ousting those who previously ruled over it.

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activist witches

Calling all activist witches: Join your local coven in the magical resistance! Come for the fancy spells, stay to hex the system.

Welcome back to California Witchcraft and holy shit welcome back to another day of 2020.

Watching the events of the past couple of weeks unfold here has, for very obvious reasons, made it very clear that there are some very pressing issues we need to address. And while these recent issues have truly emphasized this need, we have BEEN needing to talk about this for a long time.

The time has come (like seriously, the time has come and it came looong ago) to actively use our witchy powers for the magical resistance against racial injustice and inequality. We need activist witches conjuring up a better future in both the physical and ethereal realms. As this meme that has been circulating so eloquently put it, being a witch means stepping into a history of oppression…

And it means stepping up right now, when the world needs us most.

We are living in a time where systematic racism and racial injustices at the hands of the government are allowed to exist and persist. This can not continue. And we don’t need any more white tears or white people just saying they feel bad. We need actual change. So I hereby commit to really be that bitch that presses the issue, and I am NOT going to shut up about it.

The time has come for the magical resistance to collectively rise up in defense of compassion for the living beings of this earth. We have incarnated as magical beings on this earth to work our magic here. So the time has come to really put those spells into action.

Did you know that there are witches all over the world, and thanks to the power of the Internet we are able to network and connect with each other to coordinate our efforts? (That was not the case a few plagues ago. Lucky us.) The “magical resistance” of witches fighting for positive change to our political consciousness is very real, and very present in the physical, spiritual, and virtual realms.

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Hey guys, you know I usually try to keep things in more of an ethereal than worldly realm… But given the particularly horrifying issues of racial injustice coming to the forefront this week, it would feel horrendously negligent to not speak up.


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