aesthetic affirmations (if your eyeballs need a hug)

Just leaving these aesthetic affirmations here for you. Please remember to take care of your mental and physical health. You are worthy of kindness in this moment and always.

Taking a break from the daily blog updates to work on meatier content for you! (Will likely be a few times a week… and juicier.) For your daily dose of witchery, check out @californiawitchcraft on IG!

crystal clear affirmations for cloudy times

Everyone still hanging in there out there? Hell yeah you are! I’m proud of all of you keeping your shit together as best as possible.

I’m a firm believer that thoughts become things, and your words “spell” out your reality. (“That’s why it’s called spelling,” said Ralph Smart, and I agree.) These past few weeks, so many changes have happened in the world around us, and there are many elements of our lives that feel out of our control. Even so, it is vital in times like these to create our own internal source of reassurance that we are strong enough to overcome the challenges coming our way. As we head towards the upcoming full moon on April 7th, it is crucial to turn our attention as much as possible to what we want to attract into our lives.

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Magical mantras for motivation

Welcome back, my magical friends! This week’s first topic is a bit less lighthearted than the last, but still super fun, I promise! We’re covering one of my favorite ways to get and stay motivated: personal mantras. There are so many different ways that life can get tough. You might be doing your best, but not every issue is instantly fixable. Sometimes you need a super accessible reminder that will keep you focused on your goals and prevent you from losing that inner fire you need to stay passionate. That’s where a personal mantra comes in! Read on for what a personal mantra is, why it will help you, and how to use it to get the most out of your life!

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