benefits of chlorophyll water

Reap the benefits of chlorophyll water and ACV with my daily health elixir, witch water!

If there’s one thing we love in California, it’s boujee juice bars and fancy health drinks. Now that many of these fancy health elixirs are a little harder to come by, why not start whipping up custom concoctions at home?

For years I have made this strange brew I call “witch water” part of my daily routine. Read on to learn about the benefits of chlorophyll water and ACV (apple cider vinegar), and how you can easily combine them for a refreshing health elixir at home!

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cold brew coffee spell

A beginner’s guide to making cold brew coffee… and turning it into a spell for energy and vitality!

Are you tired of me trying to guess what day it is yet? Word off the street is, it’s somewhere near the beginning of the week… time to grab a cuppa caffeination and uh, stay right where you are, I guess?

Are you missing your old routine? Are you missing the little tidbits of normalcy that used to seem trivial, but now seem like a lifeline attached to reality as we knew it? For example, the casual coffee run. I’m even missing getting together with a friend to line up for twenty minutes for boujee coffees that we undoubtedly paid too much for. (Insert a comment about millennials and their priorities here.) In the absence of the daily rituals that fleshed out our former routines and brought a sense of comforting reliability to our world, I would like to suggest the creative invention of something new to temporarily take its place.

Sadly, a lot of coffeeshops are currently closed, and many of us are being forced to reconsider how we are allocating our resources. (And unfortunately those $7 lattes may not necessarily fit into the most sensible daily budget.) But good coffee is good coffee, man. Those cravings are not going to go away. With a little extra time on your hands, why not learn to make your own bomb ass cold brew? You can easily make boujee coffee your way AND save a bunch of money doing so. Better yet, because everything is better with a little magic, you can infuse your custom-crafted libation with an enchantment for an extra kick.

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GAMIFICATION: the magic trick (and coping mechanism) that turns life into a video game

Hello fearless warriors on the home front! Happy weekend, whatever that is! I have been hearing a lot of people talk about how they are struggling to maintain a routine in the absence of their regular schedule. To help myself adjust, I have been exploring a technique I first heard about years at ago at, of all things, a software conference. (I know, how very Silicon Valley of me.) Gamification, the practice of mentally framing life as if it were a video game, has since played a key role in maintaining my playful approach to life.

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It’s almost midnight and I’m thinking about breakfast because that’s just how things are these days so here’s my favorite recipe

Good evening, fellow witnesses of history! Does anyone else feel like if you tried to describe what’s going on in the world right now to yourself last year, you might laugh? A virus? A giant asteroid? Toilet paper? Tigers? What?

Anyway, now seems like the perfect time to contribute to the world of quarantine snack hacks by offering up my favorite at-home healthy breakfast, because even though I have eaten it pretty much every day since the start of this quarantine situation, I still find myself excited to eat it (even apparently at midnight the night before). It is so simple that I don’t really know if I can get away with calling this a recipe, because it’s really just assembling the ingredients, but hey! It’s super quick, easy, delicious, inexpensive, and healthy. It’s also vegan and gluten free, and makes me feel amazing. I call it a bomb breakfast bowl.

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supplement your life! (with CBD)

Hello, fabulous creatures! I hope you guys are finding ways to seek comfort what with the crazy situation of the world and all.

Look, I’m sure most if not all of you have heard of CBD by now, and some of you might even be tired of hearing about it. Listen, I’m not here to make any extraordinary miracle claims about how CBD is going to save you from the pandemic. I’m just here to give a gentle reminder that it exists, and it’s worth looking into right now. After all, you can still get it delivered to your house!

To give the briefest overview ever, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of many cannabinoids, or compounds, found within the cannabis plant. CBD on its own is non-psychoactive and interacts with various receptors throughout our bodies to promote homeostasis, or ideal functioning. This is why it can have such a variety of benefits. And because it is so low-impact on the body, it tends not to have any side-effects or drawbacks. It’s perfect for when you just need a little something to take the edge off whatever you’re going through. And chill vibes = a magical life, so I’m here to spread the word.

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