what we know but forgot


Hello, my fellow multidimensional beings!

I wrote a love letter to you, and to life. It is a gentle reminder that the magic of our universe is always accessible, as long as you choose to tune in.

Designed to be a simple companion for meditation, contemplation, and manifestation, this little book is packed with powerful phrases to instantly shift your mindset. These words are an invitation to reconnect with the magic of our universal consciousness.

Read WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT to remember what you already know, but may have forgotten: that we are all interconnected, all different faces of life itself. By reconnecting with this greater context, we can regain our power to manifest our soul’s purpose and dreams.

In just 30 lovingly assembled pages, I present to you a simple guide to truly BEING. Please reference as a reminder any time you feel lost or disconnected, and let these words bring you back to your magic.

WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is out now on Kindle! Please check it out and let it bring you peace, love, happiness, and an eternal reminder of your limitless potential.

what we know but forgot


Hello honorable humans!

I have bundled my magical attitude to life up in 30 little pages… and am very pleased to announced I will be releasing it out into the world tomorrow!

WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is half poetry, half love letter to the spirit. It is a mini guide to meditation and contemplation; just a friendly nudge from the perspective of the universe. For funsies I have paired a few snippets from the book with some of my favorite recent cloudscapes.

Update: WHAT WE KNOW BUT FORGOT is out now! Check it out on Kindle to instantly add more magic to your life!

I hope these happy images brighten your day / night!

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Magical must-reads: my top 10 witchy guidebooks

Welcome to a new week on Bewitch Your Life! We have tons of super intense energy buzzing in the air right now even more so than usual because we are heading towards the SECOND BLUE MOON of this year on Saturday!!!!! It’s a rare and enchanting occurrence and the perfect time to do some inner work. We still have the whole week to prepare, so what better way to hype yourself up than to brush up on some mystical knowledge?

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