mushroom art by unicornface

The Microdosing Movement is Here! + Mushroom Art

What has been up, wonderful witchy weirdos?!? Chaos? Fire and brimstone? Hope for the future? This year has certainly been a time to remember. As wild as the unfolding events have been, they carry with them the energy of transformation, and with that, possibilities. The amount of synchronicities and coming-together-of-things I am experiencing is OUT OF CONTROL!

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ethical alternatives to white sage and palo santo

Ethical Alternatives to White Sage and Palo Santo + thoughts on Silicon Valley Shamanism

What’s up witchy pals?!?

What a world we are living in right now! If you’re feeling some intense energy right now, it’s because THERE IS A WHOLE LOT OF SHIT GOING ON. No planets to blame it on, just chaos happening all over our planet. But I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to remind you of that, so let’s move on to what you can do to reset the vibe of your personal space to at least momentarily savor a sliver of inner peace (or something like that).

More specifically, let’s talk about ways to connect with our own spirituality while being respectful of Indigenous people and traditions. We’ll cover ethical alternatives to White Sage and Palo Santo and explain why it is harmful to appropriate sacred Indigenous practices. And I’ll leave you with plenty of inspiration to develop your own cool tricks for keeping vibes high.

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how to use psychedelic meditation

How to use psychedelic meditation to free your mind

Well hello again! Yesterday’s discussion of psychedelics and meditation left me intrigued. While researching the topic, I discovered SO MUCH MORE than anticipated, especially on the topic of “psychedelic meditation” – meditation specifically intended to induce a particularly “psychedelic” state of consciousness (no substances required). I found out that a variety of psychedelic meditation practices exist, yet many techniques are trademarked and only practiced in special group settings behind closed doors (for some serious $$$). Today, my goal is to make the magic of psychedelic meditation feel a little more accessible to the world. All earthlings are welcome here!

Let’s talk about how you can use psychedelic meditation in your personal practice at home. Better yet, let’s talk about how to use psychedelic meditation to free your mind and make positive changes in your life!

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why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar

Why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar?

Years before I tried any psychedelics or even cannabis, I had a pretty trippy experience through meditation alone. At the end of an intense breath work class I lay down to close my eyes, and was met with bright exploding fractals and mandalas cavorting across my closed eyelids. These visuals were accompanied by a feeling that I was melting into the floor and the world around me. I felt a sense of oneness with the world that felt both strange and familiar, and made me start to giggle. Years later when I had an opportunity to experience psychedelics, I couldn’t help but notice that they often took me to the same post-meditation mindset. The more I asked around, the more I realized I was not alone in this. So what gives?

Why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar? The simple answer is that they influence the brain in similar ways. Both meditation and psychedelics affect, among other things, a regulatory system in our brains called the Default Mode Network (DMN). This network of neuronal connections is thought to be responsible for the “autobiographical self,” our mental framework that maintains an individual’s story and sense of self over time. Both meditation and psychedelics quiet the DMN’s activity, allowing a wider variety of neuronal connections and mental processes to take place.

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Were the Salem witch trials caused by ergot-induced hysteria?

Happy Bicycle Day! On April 19th, 1943, Albert Hofmann ingested and discovered the effects of LSD. His strange bicycle ride home is what gave this day its name, and the rest is history! But if we look even further back into the strange story of the fungus that LSD was synthesized from, things get even wilder than a trippy ride on two wheels! In honor of these weird times, let’s sit down for a weird history lesson about the role of ergot during the Salem witch trials.

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blue lotus tea

Blue lotus tea for wavy plant energy

Welcome back to another late night chat about all things magical and enchanting in the world! I know I’ve been focusing a lot lately on ways we can all calm down, but that’s because we’re in a time where we need it even more than usual. Tonight let’s delve into something that will not only help you chill out, but will also elevate your mind and spirit with some wavy plant energy: blue lotus tea!

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How to have a great trip (at home)

What’s up, homebodies!

It’s official, the hot thing to do these days is stay in! As I mentioned before, it is likely that many people, unable to explore the outside world, might choose this time to take a more inward journey. It is my goal to contribute what I have had the opportunity to safely learn about successfully preparing for a trip in the hopes that it will help guide those interested in following the safest practices for the best and most constructive experience possible. We have all heard that set and setting are important, but I want to get specific with you to be of the best assistance. I believe, and studies have proven, that properly-planned psychedelic experiences can have long-lasting positive impacts on our lives. It is important to me to share the tools I have learned for those who may need it.

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supplement your life! (with CBD)

Hello, fabulous creatures! I hope you guys are finding ways to seek comfort what with the crazy situation of the world and all.

Look, I’m sure most if not all of you have heard of CBD by now, and some of you might even be tired of hearing about it. Listen, I’m not here to make any extraordinary miracle claims about how CBD is going to save you from the pandemic. I’m just here to give a gentle reminder that it exists, and it’s worth looking into right now. After all, you can still get it delivered to your house!

To give the briefest overview ever, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of many cannabinoids, or compounds, found within the cannabis plant. CBD on its own is non-psychoactive and interacts with various receptors throughout our bodies to promote homeostasis, or ideal functioning. This is why it can have such a variety of benefits. And because it is so low-impact on the body, it tends not to have any side-effects or drawbacks. It’s perfect for when you just need a little something to take the edge off whatever you’re going through. And chill vibes = a magical life, so I’m here to spread the word.

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