Call Mom: How to connect with Yemaya, goddess of the ocean and “Mother of All”

In honor of World Oceans Day amidst the tumultuous seas of 2020, let’s talk about how we can connect with Yemaya, goddess of the ocean, and channel her energy to aid in the healing of our planet.

Even if you are not anywhere near the ocean right now, you are living on a planet that is over 70% water. We all evolved from organisms that started off in the ocean, and water still makes up 60% of the human body. As the original source of all life on this planet, the transformative power of the ocean will always be a part of us. By reminding ourselves how to connect with Yemaya and the powerful force of creation she represents, we can embody her graceful strength as we continue to fight for the right for life to exist peacefully on Earth.

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how to use psychedelic meditation

How to use psychedelic meditation to free your mind

Well hello again! Yesterday’s discussion of psychedelics and meditation left me intrigued. While researching the topic, I discovered SO MUCH MORE than anticipated, especially on the topic of “psychedelic meditation” – meditation specifically intended to induce a particularly “psychedelic” state of consciousness (no substances required). I found out that a variety of psychedelic meditation practices exist, yet many techniques are trademarked and only practiced in special group settings behind closed doors (for some serious $$$). Today, my goal is to make the magic of psychedelic meditation feel a little more accessible to the world. All earthlings are welcome here!

Let’s talk about how you can use psychedelic meditation in your personal practice at home. Better yet, let’s talk about how to use psychedelic meditation to free your mind and make positive changes in your life!

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why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar

Why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar?

Years before I tried any psychedelics or even cannabis, I had a pretty trippy experience through meditation alone. At the end of an intense breath work class I lay down to close my eyes, and was met with bright exploding fractals and mandalas cavorting across my closed eyelids. These visuals were accompanied by a feeling that I was melting into the floor and the world around me. I felt a sense of oneness with the world that felt both strange and familiar, and made me start to giggle. Years later when I had an opportunity to experience psychedelics, I couldn’t help but notice that they often took me to the same post-meditation mindset. The more I asked around, the more I realized I was not alone in this. So what gives?

Why do psychedelics and meditation feel similar? The simple answer is that they influence the brain in similar ways. Both meditation and psychedelics affect, among other things, a regulatory system in our brains called the Default Mode Network (DMN). This network of neuronal connections is thought to be responsible for the “autobiographical self,” our mental framework that maintains an individual’s story and sense of self over time. Both meditation and psychedelics quiet the DMN’s activity, allowing a wider variety of neuronal connections and mental processes to take place.

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kundalini yoga

Free your mind, body… and orgasms? A Kundalini yoga love story

“Free your mind… and your ass will follow.” This Funkadelic album title makes a pretty spot-on description of what happened to me when I got into Kundalini yoga. This dynamic style of yoga combines breath, movement, mantra, and meditation in a powerful way that has been credited with a wide range of benefits, from spiritual awakening to spontaneous orgasms! My personal experience with it completely changed everything about my life, from the way I feel in my body to the way I use my mind. And yes, the orgasm rumors are totally true. It’s time to share my Kundalini yoga love story.

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Need guidance? Try these ancient techniques for receiving wisdom

Not that anyone ever truly has had it all figured out, but uh… it seems like literally everyone is currently asking the question, “What are we supposed to do?”

Let’s face it, we could all use a little guidance. As a species we are collectively experiencing something for which there exists no definitive guide. On a personal, governmental, and global level, we are figuring it out as we go. And that’s a little unnerving, to say the least! Few people find solace in uncertainty.

But this isn’t the first time in human history that we have faced the looming threat of the unknown. Perhaps in our modern search to connect with a greater guidance to answer our questions, we must look back to how magical humans of the past sought out wisdom during life’s challenges. Since the earliest recordings of human history, people have used various techniques to tap into higher wisdom.

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A chill channeled message

Hello fantastical friends! This is for anyone who needs a sign right now that everything is gonna be okay. Coming down off a dream cloud, I am carrying a message from the universe to you!

Life isn’t about “will I be here tomorrow?”

Life is, “I am here NOW.”

I know it’s easy to get carried away in the what-ifs, but don’t let that take you away from the only thing you ever really have: being here right now. Don’t worry about what you will be, just BE. Don’t worry about how many breaths you’ll get to take – just take them. Every breath we take is a gift, not a promise. The dance of life revolves endlessly through cycles of becoming and unbecoming; it is how it always has been and always will be. By being here, you are being and breathing, and that is what you came here to do. So let yourself BE! That is what you came here for. As Ram Dass would say: BE HERE NOW.

crystal clear affirmations for cloudy times

Everyone still hanging in there out there? Hell yeah you are! I’m proud of all of you keeping your shit together as best as possible.

I’m a firm believer that thoughts become things, and your words “spell” out your reality. (“That’s why it’s called spelling,” said Ralph Smart, and I agree.) These past few weeks, so many changes have happened in the world around us, and there are many elements of our lives that feel out of our control. Even so, it is vital in times like these to create our own internal source of reassurance that we are strong enough to overcome the challenges coming our way. As we head towards the upcoming full moon on April 7th, it is crucial to turn our attention as much as possible to what we want to attract into our lives.

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third eye

chakra challenge: 2020 vision for the third eye

Welcome to a weird weekend, where nothing makes sense anymore! Or is everything just making a different type of sense as we realize nothing is quite as it used to seem? Speaking of trippy thoughts, today we’ll be getting up close and personal with the third eye.

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