remembering past lives on other planets winking cat

Remembering past lives on other planets? It’s a thing.

What is up, my wonderful witches?

Buckle up your imaginary seatbelts, because things are going to get weird(er than usual) today! Because we are at that point in 2020 where everything is weird enough and we are now all more or less in agreement that there is life on other planets, I finally feel as comfortable as I’ll ever be sharing my experiences remembering past lives on other planets. It’s time to spill the secrets on how you too can remember past lives in distant galaxies or here on Earth!

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summer solstice ritual

10 Summer Solstice Ritual Ideas: How to Celebrate Midsummer, 2020 Edition

Welcome back, witches!

Can you feel it? There are major energetic shifts about to happen, both in the cosmos and on our planet. Let’s touch on why the 2020 Summer Solstice is bringing a much needed energetic reset this year, and I’ll share my favorite Summer Solstice ritual ideas. Read on for ideas on how to celebrate Midsummer, the longest day of the year and a holiday representing love, light, and the joy that comes with being alive on our beautiful Earth.

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pleiades portal

The Pleiades Portal is open!

No, it’s not an episode of Rick and Morty! We are currently under the influence of a dazzling celestial event, known as the Pleiades Portal. Wondering what the heck the Pleiades Portal is and what it means? Allow me to shine some light on your cosmic curiosities!

The Pleiades and the Seven Sisters are both names for this dazzling star cluster that is among the closest to Earth. This cluster of stars has long been thought to have mystical properties, and are even believed to be home to advanced multidimensional spirit beings. When the sun moves in their direction each year around May 16th through 24th, the light they shine towards the sun beams through to Earth. This event is known as the opening of the Pleiades Portal.

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