mushroom art by unicornface

The Microdosing Movement is Here! + Mushroom Art

What has been up, wonderful witchy weirdos?!? Chaos? Fire and brimstone? Hope for the future? This year has certainly been a time to remember. As wild as the unfolding events have been, they carry with them the energy of transformation, and with that, possibilities. The amount of synchronicities and coming-together-of-things I am experiencing is OUT OF CONTROL!

Remember when I wrote that article about my microdosing experience back in April? I have since teamed up with the San Francisco Psychedelic Society on something truly next level:


This online event will be a 6-week intensive covering EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to know about microdosing, as well as support for wherever you are on your journey.

(If you are reading this from the future, don’t worry, you didn’t miss it! The classes will be recorded and made available at a later date and I will update this post!)

So much has happened since the articles I wrote earlier this year, it blows my mind! Having this time to reflect on my own journey has brought a lot of clarity to me. One of the things I feel most called to do at this time is to share as much as I can about the lessons I have learned on my own path.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I know, yet I still feel as if I am actively integrating these lessons myself. Thank you for riding this rainbow road with me as I learn how to best express the magic unfolding! It certainly feels like my musings have manifested this joining of forces, and I am thrilled to give back after my own journey has truly given me a completely new and improved outlook on life.

Thinking back on that time I suggested the pandemic could inspire a psychedelic revolution, we can now see evidence of this happening! One thing was especially clear this election: we are ready to end the bogus war on drugs and decriminalize psychedelics and plant medicines. The people have spoken: mushrooms for president! Okay, not quite, but in every state where a drug policy reform measure was on the ballot, voters favored decriminalization and legalization!

Moving forward, California is taking exciting steps towards broader decriminalization. As psychedelics become increasingly decriminalized and people continue to search for well-being and meaning in this weird world we are in, it is natural to suggest that the popularity of these medicines will continue to grow.

Even with all the progress being made, clinical psychedelic therapy is still inaccessible to most people. Realistically, most people are going to be introduced to these substances on their own. Microdosing in particular is a subject many are becoming curious about, due to its increase in popularity and wide range of potential benefits. It is important to remember that while it produces a different experience than larger doses of psychedelics, it should be approached with the same level of care and awareness.

So the Microdosing Movement comes at the perfect time! The Psychedelic Society’s goal is to help cultivate and steward this growing and evolving ecosystem, supporting the community with information and guidance to help people make informed and responsible decisions in regards to their well-being. We will be bringing together top experts in the field and every ounce of research and information there is to be had on the subject.

Click here to learn more about & join the Microdosing Movement!

Essential disclaimer: this is not an event to obtain or distribute drugs and we do not encourage illegal activity. The purpose of this event is to share information that can help individuals make safe choices when it comes to their personal decisions.

And check out these fun comics I created for the Psychedelic Society newsletter, which you should definitely sign up for if you like good news and good vibes in your inbox!

I’ll see you in the Microdosing Movement, fellow adventurers! I’m excited to say I’ll be working some doodles into this as well! And psst, all the mushroom art found in this post is drawn by yours truly, UNICORNFACE! Most of these illustrations are from my book California Witchcraft – individual prints coming soon! Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date!

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