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California Witchcraft: A Magical Trip Through the Universe! IT’S A BOOK NOW WOW!

What is up, my witches?!?

It’s your witch Emily / UNICORNFACE! Welcome back to California Witchcraft. I am SO FREAKING STOKED to be telling you about the magical book I just wrote, illustrated, and published! It is called California Witchcraft: A Magical Trip Through the Universe!

This book walks you through everything that has helped me connect with my own magic, so there is a lot to cover. I have packed a TON of magical information in here so buckle up your pointy boots!

Today I am coming to you from a chair! That’s right, I have a chair now, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. You know what else is pretty serious?

The fact that I now have a physical copy of my book! WHAT?!? (It is available in both paperback and eBook form.)

I wrote this thing pretty much sitting on my floor by the way, so sitting in a chair holding the finished product feels SO GOOD! I’m making this video to tell you what the book is about and about the process of creating it. Buckle up, because it is going to be a wild ride!

This book is a guide to opening portals. I didn’t fully realize that, even though I put an image that looks like a portal on the cover.

What is a portal, you ask? (I ask myself.)

Well, I think of a portal as any opportunity for change.

Moving through a portal, to me, is really just any time you are moving through a period of change into something new – into a new adventure!

So this book is really about how to look for opportunities everywhere, and I call that having.a magical mindset. So the type of witchcraft I’m talking about in this book is really different from any other type of witchcraft explained in any other book before! And that is why I wrote it.

I have actually been a practicing witch my whole life – I was lucky enough to have a super cool witchy mama, so I grew up practicing Wiccan traditions and exploring different spiritual paths. I love researching different forms of spirituality and magical practices from throughout the world and I love reading about esoteric subjects in general – also weird science!

I actually do want to say right now before I go any further that I do reference scientific concepts in this book. I dare to talk about science. But science daddies who know things, please do not come for me! Please do not @ me, okay? Because we are not making any claims here, we are just referencing science as inspiration in this book.

So I do incorporate fantasy, magic, and science in here, but really I’m just using it all as inspiration for life! (Yes, in “real” life, whatever that is.)

I want to add that some of the things I am about to say may at first sound similar to things that conspiracy theorists say, and some people have asked me if I am a conspiracy theorist, so the answer is NO! (My personal conspiracy theory about all the conspiracy theorists right now is that they are created to distract us from focusing on what is important.) I think this is important to state up front because I do talk a lot about connections between things, and there have been so many instances where I am listening to someone speak and they start mentioning all these things that connect to each other and it starts off being inspiring. And then you get to a certain point where things take some kind of bizarre turn and then you realize like, oh shit, this person is a fucking conspiracy theorist. There is always some weird twist there!

So I just want to tell you right now that there is no weird twist (not in that way, anyway). I am just a witchy gal who wants to share some magic with you! Just wanted to get this disclaimer out of the way very clearly that this is all coming from the perspective of a witch, not from a conspiracy theorist or really from anybody claiming to be anything other than a person who wants people to invite magic and positive change into their lives.

OK, so we were talking about portals? What? Portal magic? What?

I don’t even think I wrote the words “portal magic” in this book, but it’s about portal magic. I tried to go back and change the subtitle, but apparently you can’t do that. So I am going to write another book stating and explaining that more clearly.

This book will take you places! I did write a warning inside that this book will take you on a trip! It is the culmination of every weird subject I have ever researched and actually incorporated into the way that I think and go about my life on a daily basis.

Look, the whole process of conceiving and creating this book was kind of WEIRD! I mean, it’s a weird book, so I guess it fits. But this book, like, downloaded into my brain, like REALLY suddenly, with all of the images, the cover, everything. I felt strongly and urgently compelled to get it out into the world, which is why I wrote and published it so quickly.

I am sitting here saying this on the full moon – last full moon, this was just a twinkle in my mind’s eye. I fucking cranked this out! Learned how to self publish a paperback and shit in this time. So I am fucking stoked – I know there are ways in which this book could be more perfect, but I just want to tell you that you are looking at a dream coming true.

I told myself that even if no one buys this book and like one person reads it, that person will be the one who needs to read it. But personally, I have a feeling a lot of people need to read this book, and that is why it was really important to me to get it out and into the world as quickly as possible. So that is why I am still somewhat struggling to explain what I even have done in creating this, because it came through me.

I really feel that it came through me and not from me, even though it is the culmination of my experiences. Just the way that this came to me in packaged form just like laying an egg, man. A cosmic egg!

Basically, this book is a guide to creating your own magic. And I describe all of the things that helped me think about the world in a more magical way. Because I think that there is this idea still that magic is something that comes from outside you, or happens to you, or happens in the world around you, and is something separate from you.

But to me what magic really is – I say this in my book – it is things coming together and working out beautifully. Magic is what we are here to make, and it is real. I’m not telling anyone to believe in anything we don’t know exists. Some of the things that are magical about the world you may not be able to see, but know are there.

For example, in my book I mention how we are made up of particles. We can’t see that – but we are!

So I want you to start considering the magic in things we already know exist, instead of dismissing believing in magic as believing in something that isn’t real. Because then you are just kidding yourself anyway, and what use is that actually going to be in your life?

That’s what California Witchcraft is.

It’s magic that you can apply to your life. Every time I read about something – I love reading science journals and weird sciencey things so whether I am reading about these or researching spirituality or whatever – I always ask, how can I realistically apply this to my life? How can I take a piece of knowledge from this and use it to help create a framework of reality that supports my success in this world, and the success of the people around me.

And that’s what I believe real magic is, is choosing to see opportunities (portals) around you, and being the best we can be in every moment, for the benefit of yourself and for the people and world around you. That is how I truly believe we can make magic happen in the world. And I think if there has ever been a fucking time we need magic, it is right NOW! Which is why I am asking you to “open the portal” with me and open this book!

Woah, that was intense already! But anyway, we talk about so fucking many different things in this book! I really do take you on a journey through everything that has ever inspired or impacted me in life magically.

I hope this doesn’t come off as a big ad, because my intention is really to keep sharing this information as much as possible so it can reach as many people as possible. So that everyone can make real magic happen in their lives and our world, okay?!? That is what I believe, that is what I am here to do, and that is why I wrote this book!

There are over 80 original illustrations done by yours truly in here! Many of them are in my previous post about reconnecting with creativity – check it out if you haven’t already for a closer look!

I am sharing everything about this project to hopefully inspire somebody else to create something cool, too! I am not trying to come off as someone who knows all the things, I am just someone who knows some of the things and I am sharing what I know!

A word about the inner workings of our brains…

The first thing that I really start delving into in the book is the Default Mode Network in the brain. Now this has been talked about a lot already, especially in Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind (and this post on psychedelics and meditation).

Basically there is a framework in your mind – your brain is used to interpreting information in a certain set of ways involving a certain set of processes that keep your life story and your reality consistent. That is something that benefits us in some ways, because it allows us to focus on the things we need to focus on right now to do the shit we need to do from day to day. But this system has its limitations! And knowing that we have limits to the way we think normally can help you realize that you are able to transcend those things.

There are many ways you can do this – meditation is the one I talk about the most in the book – read How to Change Your Mind for even more information on that!

That is where I want you to start – I want you to start by knowing that there is a framework in your mind where sometimes things feel fixed or stuck, but that is not the only options for how things can be operating. And I want you to think about your life in the same way; just because you have seen a certain consistent set of things / feelings / emotions / situations / whatever around you for your whole life, that doesn’t mean that is all that there is!

There can be more, and things can get better.

That is what portals are really about. I have heard so many people say they feel stuck, are staying stuck, and we are at a time where we cannot afford to feel stuck! (Even though we are stuck in our homes with these fucking quarantines.) So I am here to get you un-stuck, I am here to tell you that there is a network in your brain that keeps you thinking the same way, and that we can get around that.

I have definitely felt stuck in my life before, and reading about neuroscience as well as the Default Mode Network helped me realize this:

Your brain is pretty much the world’s best supercomputer, right? You would think the world’s best supercomputer would come with a manual. But it doesn’t! So I would say that reading about neuroscience is probably the closest thing you can do to reading the manual for your brain.

So my book is also somewhat of a brain manual, because I explain the things I learned that I applied to my life that changed the way I was thinking about my life, and that changed my actions on a day-to-day basis, and that changed what my life looks like! I’m sharing my journey to give you hope for yours.

About downward and upward spirals…

I do want to tell you about a big think I talk about in this book, which is that endings can really just be beginnings. Sometimes when you feel like you lose everything, you are actually receiving a fresh start with a clean slate. So I want you to consider endings and darkness as perhaps things that could actually take you towards the light.

In this book, I use the comparison of a spiral, because there are many things on this earth that take the shape of a spiral. This shape can be found in the DNA helix, even the movements of atoms, even if we look at the movements of the planets. There are SO MANY spiral-shaped things EVERYWHERE, and we get into that DEEP in this book. We also discuss how the Fibonacci sequence can be found in every layer of creation (its “golden ratio” can be found represented in spiral shapes!). It even has been found to have associations with the transits of our planets.

When you take a look at all the building blocks life is made up of, you notice a lot of patterns. This is another idea my book is founded on, that life is a living pattern. This pattern is made up of other living patterns.

That is what life is! Your life is made up of cycles, patterns. The processes in your body have cycles and patterns. And now we are really fucking seeing that in our history we can find patterns, too.

Which brought me to somewhat of a beef with astrology?!?

So in my book I do not hate on astrology, but I give it a little bit of a nudge! (Astrology babes, hear me out pretty please!) I just think that astrology needs a little bit of an update. Because the thing is that people are spending so much time trying to figure out if they should date a Leo or a Libra when really we could be spending more time looking at the way objects in space are moving in cycles and how our history is running in cycles right along with it. (It is totally cool to use it for figuring out who you should date or whatever you want by the way, I am not trying to tell anyone how to live their life, I just wish there was a little more attention placed on the bigger picture.)

I have a feeling there are patterns we can take a look at and examine that we can learn from on a larger scale. Because if you look at the cycles that make up your life, you might start to notice patterns. Maybe in your relationships, maybe in relationships you find yourself in, maybe in thoughts that commonly run through your head.

I think we really need to be doing the same thing with history right now. We need to be looking more closely about where we have been and what we can learn from the past, and the fact that we are not quite seeming to do that needs a bit of closer examination.

So that is why in my book I mention that revising and refocusing astrology could be helpful; studying the movements of the planets and how that relates to our history as well as what is happening right now. We could really take this opportunity for change. Right now here in the US we have an opportunity for positive change – one would hope!

I think we are taking a look right now at the things that aren’t really working in society as well as the things that haven’t worked throughout history, and it is really time to come together and say, you know what, we can do better than this.

We can do better than this for everybody. Wouldn’t that be more efficient in the long run, anyway? Wouldn’t that be better for everyone if we came together, learned from the past, and said maybe we shouldn’t be pillaging other people and cultures and the planet and ripping people off and setting up a society that serves few at the expense of many.

I’m not going to get any more political than that right now, but if you are a witchy person, if you have spent time meditating here or just plain being aware here, you can feel that people have been hurt by the things that have happened in the past here. We have an opportunity to acknowledge the past and move forward together.

By feeling empowered – by feeling that it is possible to create change – that we can do so. But if we think that we cannot create change, if we believe that we do not have power, how the fuck are we ever going to change anything?

I would really like to know the answer to that, because I hear a lot of people saying “yeah, but things have always been this way” – people say this about their lives as well as about the government, the way that society works, and “the way that things are.”

You know what though, things haven’t been ANY sort of way for very long! Humanity has not been on the earth for that long. And society is even younger in the grand scheme of the universe.

So why the hell are we thinking anything is stuck?!?

Because our brains think it’s convenient to walk the same neural pathways, okay? And this is happening on a large scale. So I would really like to introduce the idea that things can change quickly / rapidly / maybe even almost instantly, and things can change for the better! Like, a LOT.

Excuse me, astrology… Cosmic science is coming through!!!

Back to noticing spiral cycles – I noticed this while listening to The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails, which was the first CD I ever bought! (Nine Inch Nails is still my all time fave.) Anyway, while I was researching spiral patterns and cycles throughout history, I found out that someone else had said almost exactly the same thing – about 100 years ago, in 1921! I found this especially interesting because a lot of comparisons are currently being made to that year since they had their own plague, too. (Would love to know what similar occurrences have been happening in space in 1921 vs 2020!)

So this guy was a random Danish dude who had a sudden spiritual experience and became this prolific author – his name is Martinus Thomsen, and he came up with something called Cosmic Science, which he believed would merge spirituality and science together, replacing all world religions as the absolute universal truth. He also described the universe and life as the “cosmic spiral” – a living spiral pattern made up of smaller spiral cycles.

A little quantum woo JUST for fun…

Science and spirituality are starting to look not all that different! Some people still don’t want to admit this, and a lot of physicists are arguing about this right now, but science is kind of starting to butt up against spirituality. A lot of scientists are starting to talk about concepts that might seem a little (or a lot) spiritual.

One of those things is called the “quantum leap” or “quantum jump.” So science daddies, please just know I am taking only inspiration from this, because I am about to fucking butcher science HARD.

So basically, when really tiny particles move around in space, they can sometimes make “leaps” of great distance where a particle can be in one place in one moment and an entirely different one in the next. And it’s just like, how the fuck did it do that? It’s all the way over somewhere else.

In meditation a really popular theme recently has been the quantum leap or quantum jump meditation. You essentially just visualize a large scale version of that where YOU are doing the quantum leap. I describe how to do this in my book, but basically you visualize yourself doing a sort of handshake with your future self. Your future self can then come help you out!

Einstein called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance,” so this is definitely something people have been thinking is a little bit spiritual for a long time. This and finding the Fibonacci sequence have inspired many – even mathematicians are now writing spiritual papers saying something along the lines of “hey, there is something going on here, man!”

I just wanted to share that for inspiration! Because that stuff is cool! Some people get super defensive when someone spiritual starts talking about science, and I totally understand why because there has been a bunch of pseudoscience circulating trying to get everybody to do stupid shit. I just want to say, don’t do stupid shit. I will not encourage you to do stupid shit. Unless you think that meditation is stupid. If meditation is stupid, LET’S GET STUPID!!!

On using gamification to level up…

Anyway, another concept that changed my whole life is called gamification. (I will make another entire post and video about this coming soon.) This is going to sound so Silicon Valley of me and it kills me, but I first heard about this at a software conference a few years ago.

Gamification is the idea of taking concepts from games and applying them to areas outside of the gaming world, AKA your life! If you think about it, this is a really great way to operate because you can approach your challenges as if they were missions or quests in a video game. And those always come with rewards! Our brains love rewards. Your brain will love this. I will get into this more at some point this month, because it is important to me to share with you. There is a whole chapter on it in my book!

Another thing I talk about is frequencies.

“Frequency” and “vibration” are two words that we really hear thrown around a lot, especially in the spiritual zone, and I think these words are used so much and in so many different concepts that people forget they do have a real meaning. Here is a reminder that every time our heart beats, it is generating an electromagnetic pulse. And this can be measured up to like 9 feet away from your body! But this pulse is also sending up signals to your brain. And your brain actually has a vibrational response to that that corresponds to the beat of your heart. Think back on a time your heart was beating quickly – were your thoughts different from other times you were relaxed, heartbeat slow? You can think about vibrations that way.

One thing I reference in the book quite a bit is the Gateway documents from the CIA. (I wrote about it here!) The Gateway Program was briefly picked up by the CIA to study, and the document says a lot of interesting things! It describes the universe as an energy hologram, and it talks about interdimensional and time travel, among other activities previously left in the public imagination of science fiction stories. It incorporated meditation, frequencies, and a lot of things you would not expect to see mentioned in a government paper.

But those things – even though they sound really wild – once you start to break them down in “normal people terminology,” they are actually not that weird. Frequencies were a really big part of the meditations that allowed people to take advantage of this program. The way that they were described to work as well as the way this has been studied since is that whenever you are hearing a certain frequency, your body responds to that frequency.

Listening to Hz frequencies will change your life!

I like to put on Hz frequencies when I sleep, you can put them on any time. (Your plants will love them.) You will feel a difference quickly, and this is one of the biggest yet easiest things you can do to start shifting your mindset. It can be helpful to put them on during meditation, too. I like to meditate right before I fall asleep, so I put them on for the night and then start meditating, and that is usually what I do.

I wanted to share in this book that it’s not all just ethereal shit! You can actually apply this stuff to your life!

I guarantee you if you go on YouTube tonight and you search for Hz frequencies and you put something on to sleep, fucking call me in the morning! You are gonna have a good night, okay?

I’m telling you, if you do that over time, you are going to start to notice that things are changing. Everything has a vibration! The particles we are made up of are constantly in motion. We can’t see that, but that doesn’t mean that that is not the case.

(Little particles kept floating through the air as if to emphasize each time I mentioned particles in the video. Watch it for some pretty spooky action! When you see it, comment and let me know if you think it is a friendly ghost.)

Even the Earth has a vibrational frequency! And what is super interesting is that this has stayed consistent for a really long time, but it has actually recently been increasing. So by being on Earth, our frequency is increasing. So you are vibing higher whether you know it or not, honey!

This is just another one of many magical concepts you can take with you and actually apply to your life! Since I started putting on Hz frequencies to sleep, I have been waking up feeling so much better. I am a major insomniac so normally my sleep quality is not as good as it could be, but this has been helping A LOT. You will notice you just feel different! That is the best way I can describe it. You are just going to have to see for yourself exactly what that means, but I would love for you to leave a comment if you try anything here and let me know how it works for you!

Magical advice for mental health…

One more thing I do want to tell you this book covers is mental health. I think it’s really important to talk about the fact that your brain has what I call “paths in your brain forest.” Think about your favorite trail in the woods. It has probably been walked many times, right? It is probably a trail that you gravitate towards, because you know that it’s there, and you know what kind of experience you will have there. So it’s a no-brainer, right? Like, you go straight to that trail when you go there.

But that doesn’t mean that is the only experience you could have in the forest. I mean, yeah, some of those experiences could be scary. There could be bears! Yet you could also stumble into a magical fairy shrine. I’m just saying that your brain is like a forest where you are used to walking the same paths, and sometimes it feels like those are the only paths that you can walk, but that is not the case.

The theme emerging here is that things are not always as they seem! There is always more available to you. This is actually what the experience of being in this universe is. In life and in the universe, there is always going to be more. That is what I realized, is that the universe is going to keep showing us shit.

That’s actually what I believe is happening right now, at this point in reality especially here in the US. I believe that – and this is something Martinus said about 100 years ago – is that just like in nature, life goes through all possible different variations of things, just like how there are many species that don’t stay on the planet for long and some later evolve that are better equipped to survive.

Society is engaged in this process of evolution as well, almost like we are moving through a spiral. Any spiral, depending on how you look at it, could be either an upward or downward spiral. It could change direction at any time, right? I believe that each cycle we go through is an opportunity for change, and maybe right now we are in somewhat of a downward spiral. But the thing is that at any point on the spiral you could turn around and change the direction of the spiral.

I really believe that right now we are being shown by the universe, “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!?” And NO – this is not it, okay? We CAN evolve beyond the issues that we are having. I believe that if we evolve to create a society that actually supports the people that are in it, we will be more evolved as a whole. I think that is what we are evolving to do, I just think we are trying the things that don’t work first, unfortunately. That is what we are witnessing right now.

I know that we have an opportunity right now to evolve beyond the shit that we are seeing, but we have to come together and we have to believe that that is possible. This is all in my book – I wrote about all this and then some! That is part of why I got it out so fast – we have an election coming up. We need people to feel like change is possible.

I don’t get more political than that in my book, but I did just really feel the need to discuss the implications here. I would like to get more political in the future, but depending on how things go, I may have to do that from Canada!

In the book I talk about different magical techniques and ways of thinking so that you can always have a magical mindset, even if your mental health is not in the best place right now. One of the most important takeaways here is that every moment is an opportunity for something more.

So I ask you to think about your life in terms of spirals. We have probably all had moments where we were in some sort of downward spiral, and we have had other times where it felt like we had an upward spiral trajectory. I want you to be able to feel empowered by your ability to change that spiral’s direction because you are so much more connected to everything than you think. Things are not separate!

This is what the idea of a “universal energy hologram” really means – it means that there are particles and energies and vibrations interacting in a way that our brains can’t quite always allow us to notice and understand.

When we remember that we are living patterns connected to a living pattern, we can choose to engage with the patterns and cycles of life in a way that supports our evolution and the evolution of the world – hopefully a more evolved society, too. That makes sense, right?!?! You don’t need a witch to tell you that.

I realize I talked about politics and neuroscience just now, but there is a lot of shit about magic in here okay? I just wanted to try to let you know the extent to which this magic can apply. Really, we go so deep in this book, and then we bring it back and tell you how to apply it to your life.

For anyone curious…

Whenever someone writes a book on spirituality, it is natural to ask, what is this person’s deal? So I’m going to tell you what my deal is. I know I already said I am a lifelong witch. I want to add that I do not belong to a Thing. I am not associated with any religion or Thing.

My book is a Thing for people who don’t need a Thing, or maybe they have a Thing but want to also add a framework for thinking about life. This is not a religion or anything that you have to follow, and also I intentionally did not define in here what a witch even is.

The dictionary definition of a witch is someone who practices magic, so I guess if you practice magic – if you practice portal magic – then you are a witch! It is important to me not to try to tell anyone what kind of a witch you gotta be. Especially right now, I am STOKED that being a witch is popular. There are SO many different ways to practice witchcraft and practice being a witch.

So what I wrote is a guide on how to make your magic work for you! Not how to work your magic. It is up to you to decide how to work your own magic and that is why this is more of a manual for creating your own magic in life.

I really do not want to come off as a bossy elder witch. I have been studying this for a long time, but there are definitely people who have been studying this shit for even longer and some who maybe aren’t into this idea of a new form of witchcraft. I believe that it’s time and I don’t think we should be gatekeeping magic OR knowledge. Sometimes it’s like, god forbid you talk about witchcraft or science and a new concept, there are always going to be people who are not going to be pleased with that. But I just want to come out and say that I am really just talking about subjects I think are interesting and packaging them in a way that I think can help people apply these things realistically to their lives.

That is my agenda. My agenda is to get you to believe in yourself. That is what we need right now – we need good people who want good things for each other and the world believing it can happen, and feeling empowered! So that is the true purpose of creating a magical mindset. And this is why I think my book is not just for people who are interested in witchcraft. You need to have an open mind, but that’s it!

Anybody can be a witch, and you are much more magical than you think, honey – whether you identify as a witch or not. I guarantee it!

So this book is basically asking you, are you down for the universe? The universe is down for you! All you need to do is to be down to look at life in a new and exciting way. That could really come in handy right now. So I recommend that you read this book, and I can’t wait to see what you think and how you implement these tools in your own life! I think this book is something you will want to come back to, maybe flip open to a random page for a message, because this book moves quickly through many topics that inspire me. My goal in sharing so many different things is hopefully to stimulate inspiration out of your subconscious mind from the things we talked about.

From Nine Inch Nails to quantum physics to witchcraft, we are really covering a lot, and we are putting all these things in a context they have not yet been put in before. So I am really excited for people to digest this and tell me what they think because I truly believe that this is something that needed to exist, and didn’t. I keep joking I invented a piece of mind technology like some kind of stupid Silicon Valley innovation, but that makes me want to roll my eyes so far into the back of my head, dude.

I also wanted to add on that I did not mention psychedelics at all in this book, which I think is kind of funny because it definitely fits into the topics covered and the illustrations are all pretty psychedelic. This project is sort of an introduction to opening your mind for people whether they are ready for that or not. I will write more books in the future going into more juicy consciousness expanding details! (Also, pretty much every reference in the back of my book references psychedelics for anyone interested!)

Psychedelics do help transcend that Default Mode Network in your brain – just like meditation – I just didn’t want people to think it was only that. In order for psychedelics to really help you with this stuff, you have to be willing to help yourself first. I think this book is a great framework and starting point for starting this process of internal discovery, whether you have tried psychedelics or not. There are lots of psychedelic experiences you can have in your life – meditation is one of them! – that don’t involve actually ingesting any psychedelics.

I wanted to let you know that I am really into meditation – I meditate, like a lot – and I really believe in this concept of opening portals. I think I opened some kind of portal to creativity or something because all these ideas are getting downloaded into my brain super quickly. I have several more books I am working on that I will be putting out quickly because they are already written in my head and it pains me to keep them cooped up in there.

Many exciting things are coming!

My next projects will be more illustration-focused, as in graphic novels. I have been super into illustrating and doing my own fonts, so I want to write as well as draw just about everything by hand moving forward. But I thought this was a fun first project to also let you know what I think this is all about.

I am sharing this whole process and experience to show you that it is possible to create something out of nowhere, man. I just want to see the weirdos win. I’ll repeat that. I want to see the weirdos win!

I think there are so many talented people out there waiting for someone to tell them they were qualified for their dreams or maybe waiting for someone to hand them over, but YOU are here to CREATE your dreams. This is me creating my dream and even if only a handful of people ever read it, it’s still a dream come true! I just want to empower you! You have a voice, your voice matters, we need your voice, and you can accomplish more than you ever thought you could, even if you don’t have a chair to accomplish it in! I’m living proof! I am trying to lead by example – hopefully I am setting a decent one.

One more thing – your biggest moment of despair could come right before your greatest victory. That sounds so cheesy! But I got the tingles when I said it, so I know it’s true. That’s the thing. I want you to look at all the things that didn’t work out as a chance to create something better. So right now even if we’re not having the year we thought we could have, we can hopefully turn it into something that might be good. And I think this is a really good start!

I realized also that in my life I have been hard on myself because I have tried so many different things – from careers to relationship dynamics – and for a lot of this time I have been really down on myself for not having a Thing to be, and that there was something wrong with that. Now I want to tell you that if you haven’t found a Thing yet, it’s because you are here to create your own new Thing!

I just really want to be that person telling you that wherever you think you are right now, even if it’s not in a good place, it could be the start of you being in the greatest place you have ever been! Remember, any downward spiral can also be an upward spiral, depending on how you look at it.

So that’s what my book is about, baby! California Witchcraft! Check it out here!

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