California Witchcraft in Coffee Table Coven! + More Magical Things

What is up witches?!?

It has been a minute since I have hopped on this here blog, but not because I have forsaken you – quite the opposite, actually! This month I have been working on even bigger and more magical projects to share with you! You can check out the first of these pieces here in the latest issue of Coffee Table Coven, where I have shared my magical mugwort meditation!

Check out their website for beautifully assembled quarterly zines full of amazing witchy goodness!!!

This issue is SO PERFECTLY spooky season themed (witches do it best!) and is filled with such a diverse array of contributions from witches all over the world. The visuals are gorgeous too and definitely take the edge off the pain of not being able to engage in all the usual spooky social activities this year! Spooky satisfaction, served.

I loved working on this collaboration and am so excited to be connecting more with magical people virtually! Looking into magical and creative things happening online has really helped get through this quarantine – I’m 7 months in now but what even is time?

Got three more magical pieces of news here:

  1. I just finished writing a California Witchcraft BOOK! For a long time I have planned to compile my ideas and present you with the California Witchcraft perspective on magic. There are many wild things about this project but the wildest is that it suddenly just came to me as a complete idea as an illustrated guide to making your own magic. I have been calling it a “brain bomb,” like a massive download. The reason I have been so quiet about this is because the idea came so quickly and clearly to me that I felt a very urgent need to get it out there as efficiently as possible to get it out into the world. And so I did! I will be sharing more on this soon as I am in the process of self publishing and creating videos and articles around it.
  2. For anyone looking for positive programming this month, a few things have been saving me: DJ livestreams on Twitch. (Check out Desert Hearts, Dirtybird, Insomniac, Pyka, and Two Tails!) Everything from Gala Darling. And falling asleep to Jonathan Goldman albums on loop. (I just discovered this amazing musician and sound healer and now every night is an inter-dimensional healing experience!)
  3. I’M DRAWING AGAIN!!! My next post will be going into detail about rediscovering the comic book art I loved creating as a kid. It is a big part of my upcoming book and story and it feels so good to be reconnecting with that part of my creativity and working it in with everything else I’m doing!

Whoever you are who is reading this, please know I am thankful that you exist. Thank you for being here and being a magical human in the world. Hang in there out there. We have good things coming soon. TTYS babes!


  1. Like I said, I promise to buy your book if you follow me and read my magic-related blog posts. How do I buy the book?


    • Hi there!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH seriously for even taking the time to check this out! You’re awesome and I am peeking at your content right now and LOVING your whole vibe!!! So grateful to you for reaching out and excited to grow together! Here is a link to the book:


      • Bought it. E-mail me if you would be interested in the Magic Modernization Project. I have figured the whole thing out, and in 3 1/2 years not one single person has ever expressed any interest, so I wrote these stories and poems for your entertainment.


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