how to take aesthetic photos with instax mini

How to take aesthetic photos with INSTAX MINI!

What is up, weird, wild, and wonderful witches?!?

This weekend I have been felt extremely compelled to encourage everyone to CREATE! Friends, I truly believe that connecting with your creativity is key to connecting with your magic! When you do something creative, you remind yourself that you are a creative force in your life and your world!

There are countless ways to do this, but today I want to share with you my favorite chill and fun summer art project: taking instant photos! So come with me to the beach and I’ll show you how to take aesthetic photos with the Instax Mini!

The Fujifilm Instax Mini is one of the most popular instant cameras out there. There are several different models – this one is the Instax Mini 9. Super obsessed with the bright pink color, obviously! Even though this is my first time using an instant camera, it was super easy to use. Full disclosure, I am not a professional photographer or anything, so please forgive my lack of fancy camera terminology. The cool thing about this camera is even if you don’t know shit about cameras, it’s pretty easy to figure out.

The video at the end of this post has a super quick walkthrough of how to use the camera’s functions, so check it out! Also watch it for a fun video tour of this photo-snapping beach adventure!

While the video covers everything, I wanted to jot down my top tips here for you as well.


  1. Remember to adjust the light settings depending on your location. So far I have had the most success using the indoor setting indoors (duh haha) and the bright sunshine setting for outdoor photos.
  2. Contrast between your subject and the background makes an awesome photo!
  3. Avoid pointing the camera at anything suuuuper bright… it can easily overexpose. For example, I had more success shooting sunsets from a creative angle versus directly at the setting sun.
  4. In general, I found my outdoor photos turned out the best around golden hour / sunset time, as the softer lighting came through beautifully!
  5. Experiment with different angles / distances, and maybe don’t get too close. While the camera comes with a close-up lens, I haven’t tried it out yet. Without it, I noticed my photos turned out best when I was at least a few feet away from the subject.
  6. The photos come out super tiny, so I noticed that my simpler photos looked way cooler versus when I tried to capture a ton of detail.
  7. The film is expensive, and you only get 10 shots a pop! (That is not counting the first time you press the shutter, when the cover comes out.) I found it helpful to first take a snap on my smartphone to check out the composition!

Wanna see what I got on my first round? I took some snaps inside and then hit the trails to capture an epic San Francisco sunset! Check out these gorgeous views:

And now for the results! I’m not sure how I’ll display them yet, but for now I enjoyed arranging them in little trios!

I love seeing this many cute little photos in one place, don’t you?

For the full experience and some extra inspo, check out the full video right here!

Also just in case you were wondering, I got this on sale at Best Buy.

I hope this inspired you to work some artsy fartsy magic of your very own! Remember, when you create something, you remind yourself of your ability to bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. This opens up doorways to unleash the power to create your whole damn LIFE! So happy snapping!!! xoxoxo

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