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Remembering past lives on other planets? It’s a thing.

What is up, my wonderful witches?

Buckle up your imaginary seatbelts, because things are going to get weird(er than usual) today! Because we are at that point in 2020 where everything is weird enough and we are now all more or less in agreement that there is life on other planets, I finally feel as comfortable as I’ll ever be sharing my experiences remembering past lives on other planets. It’s time to spill the secrets on how you too can remember past lives in distant galaxies or here on Earth!

Disclaimer: Look, before I begin, I just want to say that I am already aware that I come off as a bit eccentric. I assume you are down for that if you are reading this, but just in case you were wondering if I’m spending a little too much time alone, please know that this is coming from a calm and spiritual state of mind. Those who need to understand this, will. Also, just to be clear I am not associated with any organization or belief system. This information is derived solely from my own personal research and experiences.

Recently I had an experience during meditation where I was able to recall, and realize that I already had memories of, a past life on another planet. Curious, I looked into this and realized that I am not the only one who has had such an experience – this is very much A Thing. Here is what I found out about remembering past lives and reconnecting with wisdom learned from them.

First of all, what does it mean to be incarnated on Earth? What even is a soul?

Your soul is a particular aspect of the universal life force we call consciousness. Souls incarnate to physically express their unique vibration. This happens on Earth and throughout our universe.

Here on Earth, the heart is the physical manifestation of your unique vibration, or signature frequency. This is why in many cultures and belief systems the heart is said to be the seat of the soul. Your heartbeats send signals to your brain that cause it to produce a sympathetic vibration, influencing your brain waves.

But this isn’t confined to your physical body! We are able to measure the electromagnetic field produced by our heartbeats by at least nine feet from our bodies. The electrical pulses from our brain waves have a far greater reach; the signal our bodies produce from this process travels the perimeter of our planet in approximately one seventh of a second through our electrostatic field.

By incarnating into ever-evolving and changing physical forms, consciousness expresses, experiences, and evolves life itself. But in order to learn new things and have new experiences, we must disconnect from our original source. So when souls incarnate into this Earth they get amnesia, not unlike walking into a room and instantly forgetting what you came in there for. However, as a multidimensional being temporarily incarnated in a 3D world, we have the ability to tap into this greater network of knowledge.

Discoveries in the realm of quantum physics have already suggested that brain wave activity has an influence on the activity of particles that can travel from distant regions of space. But that is a rabbit hole for another day! The point for now is, there is a lot more going on than our human brains are wired to comprehend.

Birthmarks, phobias, and childhood memories:

After hearing a rumor circulate online about how birthmarks are clues to how you died in a past life, I decided to look into it and, well. This isn’t something that is easy to prove, so it doesn’t seem to make sense citing any sources. But try Googling “birthmarks and past lives” if you would like to see for yourself the variety of intriguing stories.

Do you have a birthmark? It could be a clue not just to your past death, but lessons learned in your past life that your soul imprinted on your physical form as a memory.

I have always had a blue dot on the left side of my head by my hairline. After meditating on it from some time, I remembered it is a clue left from time in the Sirius star cluster, which gives off a blue hue in the sky.

If you have a phobia, this may also give you more clues as to trauma experienced during a past life, which can allow insight into more information. Birthmarks and phobias may be somewhat related in that they are lessons brought into this life.

Childhood obsessions or fantasies can sometimes provide information as to past lives as well. There have been many accounts of children talking about events that happened in a past life. Learning about Sirius’s influence on and interaction with Ancient Egyptian culture explained my fascination with it early in life. (As a child, I preferred playing “embalm the mummy” to Barbies.)

Remembering past lives in dreams:

One of the most common ways people experience information from past lives is through dreams. I have had dreams throughout my life that I later realized were memories resurfacing from past lives.

The first one is one of my earliest memories, which I assumed to be a childhood dream. In it, I stood in front of a wall of portals to different realities. Next to me stood a gnome, who asked me, “Which one do you choose?” And I chose this life. I remember thinking it was ordinary and even boring compared to other options, but necessary. The realization hit me years later – what if that was not a dream, but a memory of my soul coming into this life? Sirius is believed to be inhabited by portal beings who are able to travel between realms and dimensions.

Another dream from my adolescence entailed dying, only to be reborn and die again a different way, and so on. I don’t remember all of them, but I remember one was a skiing accident and another was a car crash, and I find it interesting that I have always had an aversion to skiing and driving.

But beyond dreams, which can be somewhat cryptic, there are more direct ways of communicating with guides that may have information for you. The more I make an effort to attune to a higher frequency here on Earth, the more information I receive lovingly from these intergalactic and interdimensional sources.

How to attune your frequency to receive information:

As a human, you have a network of processes in your brain that allow you to perceive reality in a human way, as an individual in our 3D world. In order to tune into the greater network of information available, we can quiet these processes while adjusting our own frequency to one that will allow us to receive these divine and cosmic messages.

Meditation is an excellent way to merge with our universal oneness and bring back a greater understanding of your role. To get the most out of this, I recommend listening to a frequency that will allow you to more easily adjust your own. This one worked for me – it is a combination of 448 Hz and 1052 Hz, to help open the third eye and crown chakras.

Above all, keep an open mind to potentially receiving information in the form of “downloads” or even physical messages. Angel numbers and synchronicities often appear as the beginning signs of contact from the forces in the universe that guide you and can help you access knowledge that will help inform you of your soul’s journey.

Personally, I find it interesting that just as I begin to awaken to these signs, cats have been gathering at my window and winking at me like they know something. According to others who channel messages from the Sirius star system, dogs and cats incarnated on Earth from Sirius and other planets as guides to support humanity’s journey. At the risk of sounding like the weird neighborhood cat lady, I personally do believe that animals appear to us as guides along our journey, and welcome their comforting presence.

Why is this relevant to our lives now?

Remembering lessons learned in past lives can help us make decisions in this one. We are at such a critical turning point in the evolution of humanity. The more knowledge we have access to, the more easily we will be able to fulfill our soul missions on this Earth.

I have remembered that I incarnated on this Earth to help remind humanity that it is capable of experiencing magic, beauty, love, joy, and peace. Being aware of this prior soul commitment has helped me understand that this is an integral part of my work in this lifetime.

Those who incarnate here on Earth from other solar systems are often called Starseeds. But we are all the stuff of stars, are we not? We are all Starseeds. You are a part of the vast network of everything. You are everything. And you can do anything! Let me know if you have any stories about past lives or life on other planets, or if this helped you remember something you forgot! That’s all I got for now – ’til next time, float on through space, my cosmic friends.

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