how to do aeromancy

How to do AEROMANCY (cloud divination) ft. the prettiest pink sunset!

What’s up witches? The sky? Very true, and that brings me to our topic of discussion today:


Aeromancy, or the art of reading clouds and weather (from Greek aero, “air,” and manteia, “divination”), is one of the oldest forms of divination ever practiced. Thought to have been used by the priests of ancient Babylon, this practice reveals secrets of the universe simply by observing natural phenomena.

After all, when shit hits the fan here on Earth, it’s customary to look up at the heavens and ask “WHY??!?!?!?!?”

I believe that clouds are a mirror for our consciousness. They often seem to emulate the energy of what is going on here on Earth. Basically, they reflect the mood or vibe of what is happening.

Isn’t there a weird but fun term for this? Ah… pathetic fallacy, when human emotions are attributed to nature. Is it just me or does that term sound kind of harsh though?

Anyway, you can easily read clouds by asking yourself what emotions the clouds are trying to convey. The first emotion you feel when looking at the clouds is usually the right one.

A few more things to consider:
-Sometimes clouds will reveal their meanings through shapes and colors as well; that combined with their general “mood” usually gives the most helpful information.
-Clouds may even tip you off to a shift happening or a breakthrough into a brighter phase of life.
-Sometimes they may show you a rift or a sudden illumination.
-Seeing a circle in the clouds can be a sign to watch out for potential opportunities as a “portal” into new adventures.
-If a phrase pops into your head while you look at the clouds, it may well be some cloud-crafted wisdom for you!
-Pay attention to wind currents and other natural phenomena; the same rules of “reading the mood” apply!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: above all, TRUST YOUR INTUITION! Keep an open mind and heart and you will receive amazing wisdom simply by looking up.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our most epic sunset so far this year! (With love from Ocean Beach in San Francisco.) Try practicing your aeromancy skills here, and let me know what you see!

For extra cloud love, I made you a fun aeromancy practice video from this same magical sunset. Enjoy having your head in the clouds for a few minutes, right here!

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