epic air plant hub haul

WEIRDEST WILDEST houseplant haul EVER! The most EPIC types of air plant / tillandsia! (AIR PLANT HUB)

What is up, weird, wild, and wonderful witches?

You don’t have to answer that. I know.

Here is another question I don’t expect you to answer: ARE YOU READY FOR THE MOST EPIC AIR PLANT HAUL EVER? I already know you can’t wait to see all the coolest air plant varieties fresh out of the box from Air Plant Hub! Join me for a fun houseplant haul / unboxing and to check out some specimens that look like they should be growing on another planet in a distant galaxy… yet here they are!

By now you might already know I have been collecting these fun little friends for over a year now. I love that they are easy and low-maintenance, yet so unique and full of personality!

Here’s my free guide to caring for different types of air plants.

This is my third or forth order from Air Plant Hub, so by now most of my air plants are from there! They have amazing selection, super fast shipping, great prices and they are really sweet plant people so I seriously recommend checking them out. And this time I have to admit I went a little wild and now have NEARLY 30 NEW PLANTS to introduce to you.

In addition to this video, I just HAD to share the photos I took of these beauties! I’ll put the specific fancy / scientific names below as well. (Put “tillandsia” at the beginning of each for the full fancy name.)

Check them out below!

Isn’t it exciting to see so many new plants at once?!? Thank you Air Plant Hub!
Ionantha Guatemala (pink!)
Chiapensis x Velutina (hybrid)
Stricta Starburst
King Kong (Butzii x Ionantha)
Love Knot (Capitata x Streptophylla)
Capitata x Balbisiana
Tectorum Ecuador
Twisted Tim (Intermedia x Capitata)
Wonga (Mallemontii x Duratii)
Showtime (Bulbosa x Streptophylla)
Recurvifolia x Gardneri
Eric Knoblach (Streptophylla x Brachycaulos)
Starburst (Brachycaulos x Schiedeana)
Recurvifolia (hybrid)
Ionantha Guatemala
Peru Inca Gold

Well that’s all for now, folks! I hope you had fun checking out these weird and wonderful air plant varieties. A little plant shopping is good for the soul, so let me know if you adopt new plant friends of your own! I want to see!

Also just a quick update for my readers, what I will likely be doing is posting here about once a week. I’ll be doing this so that everything I do post can be extra epic for you! And I’ll be ramping up my posts on Instagram, so please follow along there if you aren’t already!

Lots of love to you all, plant and people friends!

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