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GOOD NEWS, REALITY ISN’T REAL: The CIA energy hologram document explained!

The Internet is freaking out over this CIA document that states the world is an energy hologram and the law of attraction is real. Actually, that’s only the beginning; it goes on to use quantum mechanics and physics to explain the nature and function of human consciousness. Science and spirituality cannot help but collide as a result. It goes so far as to offer an explanation for paranormal activity, out-of-body experiences, and even how expanded human consciousness can transcend the time-space dimension. Pretty groovy for a once-classified government disclosure!

And yes, you read that right; TIME TRAVEL and INTER-DIMENSIONAL travel are really a thing. (Not just in episodes of Spongebob or Rick and Morty anymore.) So much of a thing in fact that an entire CIA program was created to train people to explore these techniques. The released document outlines the “Gateway Program,” named for its “gateway into different modes of perception.”

It turns out, this information is nothing new; the document was written in 1983 and casually released in 2003. But it’s making a splash right now thanks to memes and, well, 2020. With a mass spiritual awakening and so many people questioning their current reality, this information seems more important to distribute than ever. I read through all the fine print and took notes on the juiciest details so you don’t have to.

The CIA’s Gateway Program studied methods of altering awareness of consciousness. It employed a unique training system involving something called Brain Hemisphere Synchronization (or “Hemi-Sync” as the cool kids say), the process of synchronizing activity between both brain hemispheres.

Hemi-Sync is a “state of consciousness defined when the EEG patterns of both hemispheres are simultaneously equal in amplitude and frequency.” It increases brainwave size, “which is a measure of brain energy or power.”

The goal? To “bring enhanced strength, focus, and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space. The participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers.”

With this knowledge, you too can transcend the limitations of the time-space continuum. Read on to find out how.


The document offers an explanation of consciousness and energy in order to first understand “the material world in which we have our physical existence,” and it makes a lot of sense.

Basically, all matter is made up of tiny particles of energy, and everything is a part of this energy interacting in a complex system of energy fields that make up our universe:

“Science now knows that both the electrons which spin in the energy field located around the nucleus of the atom and the nucleus itself are made up of nothing more than oscillating energy grids. Solid matter, in the strict construction of the term, simply does not exist. Rather, atomic structure is composed of oscillating energy grids surrounded by other oscillating energy grids which orbit at extraordinarily high speeds… The entire human being, brain, consciousness and all that is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields. The so called states of matter are actually variances in the state of energy, and human consciousness is a function of the interaction of energy.”

If you think about it, duh. We are made of atoms and molecules constantly vibrating in a never-ending yet ever-changing dance, as matter is neither created nor destroyed. This is something just about every scientist, religion and psychonaut can agree on: WE ARE ALL ONE!

How does the CIA define consciousness itself?

“Consciousness is the organizing and sustaining principle that provides the impetus and guidance to bring and keep energy in motion within a given set of parameters so that a specific reality will result.”

This leads us into a description of something called the Consciousness Matrix. “The universe is composed of interacting energy fields … it is, in and of itself, one gigantic hologram of unbelievable complexity.”

This is where the idea of a “hologram” comes in: “Energy creates, stores and retrieves meaning in the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three dimensional mode that creates a living pattern called a hologram.”

So whether or not “reality” is “real” depends on how you choose to define it. But it’s safe to say that the definition is more expansive than it may seem.


Your brain is its own little energy center, just doing its best to make sense of all the energy around it.

“As energy passes through various aspects of the universal hologram and is perceived by the electrostatic fields which comprise the human mind, the holographic images being conveyed are projected upon those electrostatic fields of the mind and are perceived or understood to the extent that the electrostatic field is operating at a frequency and amplitude that can harmonize with and therefore ‘read’ the energy carrier wave passing through it. Changes in the frequency and amplitude of the electrostatic field which comprises the human mind determines the configuration and hence the character of the holographic energy matrix which the mind projects to intercept meaning directly from the holographic transmissions of the universe.”

The brain “superimposes a three dimensional matrix over holographic information” based on what it is able to perceive and understand. So by expanding your consciousness, you are expanding your ability to perceive and understand more of our “universal hologram.”

“Our minds constitute energy fields which interact with various aspects of this hologram to deduce information which is ultimately processed through the left hemisphere of our brains to reduce it to a form that we employ for the process we call thinking.”

So there is a lot more to your thoughts than you think. (Wink.) And there is a lot more going on beyond your thoughts, too.


Your heartbeat transmits its vibrations up through your brain stem. This generates an electromagnetic pulse, which stimulates your brain to adjust the amplitude and frequency of its brainwave output accordingly. So your heart’s vibrations create a “sympathetic vibration” in your brain.

You have the ability to adjust that vibration, and it LITERALLY makes a world of a difference. Because it changes the world around you.

The body “functions as a tuned vibrational system which transfers energy in a range of between 6.8 and 7.5 Hertz into the earth’s ionospheric cavity, which itself resonates at between 7-7.5 Hertz. … This is occurring at a very long wavelength of about 40.000 Km, or just about the perimeter of the planet. In other words, the signal from the movement of our bodies will travel around the world in about one seventh of a second through the electrostatic field in which we are imbedded. Such a long wavelength knows no obstacles, and its strength does not attenuate much over large distances. Naturally it will go through just about anything: metal, concrete, water, and the fields making up our bodies. It is the ideal medium for conveying a telepathic signal.”

Did you hear that? Your brainwaves are seasoned world travelers. Not only are they interpreting our world, they are actively interacting with it, too.

The goal of Gateway was to get the body into a state where its sound waves match the electrostatic field of the earth at 7-7.5 Hertz.
This promotes becoming, somewhat literally, one with the earth, and one with consciousness itself. In this state, we are able to access knowledge and possibilities that allow us to step into our true creative power as living beings on this earth.


The document outlines several methods of adjusting your frequency for heightened states of awareness, and wow:

-Hypnosis: Apparently a major reason this is so powerfully mind altering is because it causes information to be categorized by the brain before moving from the left to right hemisphere.
-Transcendental meditation and yoga: In this highly concentrated state, you are actually drawing energy up the spinal cord (yes, this is also known as Kundalini!). This creates a measurable movement of energy up your body through your toes and up in the form of “acoustical standing waves.” These are the result of the altered heart rhythm caused by prolonged meditation, moving all the way up to the brain, which then experiences those “sympathetic vibrations” in response. So a current of energy actually does move through your brain during a Kundalini experience. “Yoga, zen, or transcendental meditation, if practiced long enough, will produce a change in the sound frequency with which the human heart resonates throughout the entire body.” This resonance is “directly transmitted to and impacts upon the brain.”
-Hz frequencies: Listening to Hz frequencies causes your heart and brain waves to adjust in response! Your brain waves will start to synchronize with the surrounding frequency.

So basically, you can change your vibration, and this can change everything. “The body’s electromagnetic field is capable of altering its resonance pattern so as to entrain energy from the earth’s electrostatic field for its own use.”

“Good vibes” suddenly has a whole new meaning, huh?


Perhaps the most exciting part of this whole program is its exploration of the time-space continuum. It outright states, “human consciousness can be brought to transcend the limitations of time-space.” Pretty cool, dude!

So how the heck do we go dimension-hopping, Uncle Rick?

This is where things get HOLY SHIT-worthy, because not only is the CIA confirming that we can dimension hop and quantum jump, they explain how to do it.

According to the CIA’s handy guide, you can enter different dimensions by focusing so that your brainwaves match “the frequency of the energy which comprises that consciousness.” In other words, your brain wave output must match the frequency of that dimension.

Sound familiar? This is where the law of attraction comes in; we are straight up talking about MANIFESTING, just in science-speak. The guide instructs you to focus on an objective, connect with the vast expanse of consciousness, and project that your goal has already been achieved.

How could this possibly tie into science? Again, energy: “The thought patterns generated by our consciousness in a state of expanded awareness create holograms which represent the situation we desire to bring about and, in so doing, establish the basis for actual realization of that goal. Once the thought-generated hologram of the sought after objective is established in the universe it becomes an aspect of reality which interacts with the universal hologram to bring about the desired objective which might not, under other circumstances, ever occur.” It “recognizes the fact that since consciousness is the source of all reality, our thoughts have the power to influence the development of reality in time-space as it applies to us if those thoughts can be projected with adequate intensity.”

You’ve probably heard something like this before, but really think about this: all you need to do is match the frequency of the environment / dimension you want to be in.

Shifting into a timeline or dimension where you have manifested your desire involves the execution of a sort of “quantum leap”:

During a true quantum leap, a sort of handshake happens between two subatomic particles communicating when colliding. They are here, and then suddenly they are there, so fast it’s like a momentary inter dimensional teleportation.

“This is an aspect of quantum mechanics which applies to the fact that any oscillating frequency (such as a brainwave) reaches two points of complete rest.” There is a point where “for an infinitesimally brief instant, that energy reaches one of its two points of rest it “clicks out” of time-space and joins infinity.”

Well the CIA has news for you, honey. You are made of particles, and you can do the same thing on a larger scale. With your entire reality. (Insert mind blown emoji here.)

Whenever you are trying to manifest something (whether it is a new house, career move, relationship, personal development, or whatever), you have to first be the person that would find themselves in that situation. So you have to make some changes to yourself in order to change your life. You have heard this type of advice before, but something about seeing it explained down to the very particles we are made up of actually makes it seem more tangible.

Simply by shifting your vibration, you are able to shift into different timelines. This can mean shifting into a different present reality, or exploring the past or future! The CIA’s process for time travel involves the meditation, frequencies, and visualization techniques we touched on earlier. Far out.


The document touched on several other related concepts you will likely find interesting:

-Paranormal experiences: Now that we know that there is so much more to “reality” than what we are normally able to perceive, paranormal and transcendental experiences can be explained as “a part of nature.” I was astonished to read that this document supports a personal theory of mine, that ghosts are remnants of lingering energy. It acknowledges that energy patterns left by people or events occurring in a particular physical place can linger from the past.
-Out of body experiences: “Human consciousness is able to separate from physical reality and interact with other intelligences in other dimensions within the universe, and… it is both eternal and destined for ultimate return to the absolute” infinite energy source.
-REM sleep: during this stage of sleep, consciousness is almost completely suppressed in the left hemisphere of the brain. Out of body experiences happen frequently in this stage of sleep (aka dreaming).
-Memories: “Memory is a function of consciousness… when consciousness returns to the absolute it brings with it all the memories it has accumulated through experience in reality.” Consciousness is eternal, its physical component “enjoys a short period of reality.”
-Energy healing: You are able to channel energy through this universal source to self-heal and heal others physically.
-Magic wands aren’t just for witches: there is mention of the power of using a “magic wand” or something like it as “an archetypal symbol which the human mind seems to appreciate, perhaps quite subliminally.” This is useful as a focal point to channel your energy and force from the universe.
-Your higher self: Accessing a greater source of energy means being able to connect with its wisdom. So by connecting to this, you are connecting to the part of yourself that is tuned in to that wisdom. Spiritual people refer to this as the soul, super-conscious soul, or higher self. I was amazed to see this document refer to the “higher self” as well as suggest that you can enlist the assistance of your higher self for guidance and problem solving. One interesting connection here is that in many traditions, the soul and its connection to infinite wisdom are thought to be stored in the heart. Knowing what we now know about the heart influencing the brain waves that create our energetic influence, there is something to be said for the heart acting as the seat of the soul.
-The parts make up and mirror the whole: “In the universe smaller processes tend to be mirror images of larger ones (i.e. the pattern of electrons around the nucleus of an atom mirrors the way planets orbit their suns, and so on.) This is something I trip out on frequently; consider the uncanny way the structure of of our veins and nervous systems mirror mycelial networks, visual maps of the internet, and even our constellations in the sky. Trippy shit.
-Speaking of trippy shit: the concept of a “cosmic egg” also apparently is not just something you see on DMT. This document repeatedly references “the cosmic egg which constitutes the universal hologram.” It makes a case for the shape of our universe being this cosmic egg. While we have not quite been able to zoom out on our universe enough to confidently map out its true shape, an interesting theory is presented here.

The document ends by acknowledging how these concepts blur the lines between science and spirituality. And it’s true; the more you read about concepts throughout different religions, spiritual traditions, psychedelic discoveries, and quantum physics, the more you realize everything is connected. And it is!

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