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Weird dreams lately? Try this dream sachet DIY!

If the dystopian nightmare that is 2020 is spilling over into your sleep and causing you to have weird dreams, you are not alone! I have seen countless articles come out about “weird pandemic dreams” and all of my friends seem to be confirming this as well. With the combination of strange waking life, shifting planetary / lunar / celestial influences, and more time at home to slip into dreamland, it’s no wonder so many of us are having strange experiences at night.

We all already know how important sleep is for your immune system and sanity, and those two things are more essential than ever. So if you too have been experiencing weird dreams lately, there is good news for you! There is an easy solution that can magically influence your dream experiences: a dream sachet, also known as a dream pillow. Read on to learn why it works and how to get in on some dream sachet DIY action yourself.

Herb sachets used for sleep have been popular since at least the 16th century, where they were used widely throughout Europe for a variety of purposes, including attracting love, protecting from evil, and encouraging lucid dreams. Simply by placing certain herbs near where you sleep, you can be influenced by their wafting aromas and energies. This practice is so effective, it is still used frequently for home remedies and spells today!

Adding certain ingredients to a dream sachet can personalize its influence, so by choosing particular ingredients, you can select the type of energy you would like to experience in your sleep. You do not have to go out and buy a bunch of fancy herbs; there are plenty of common household ingredients you likely already have that will work. I’ll tell you my favorite common and not-as-common ingredients so you can choose what works for you.

The one thing you absolutely do need is some type of sachet in which to put your ingredients. I like to use a small drawstring pouch or cloth bag, but you can use anything small and soft that can contain something. Even a tied-off sock could work!

Here are my favorite dream sachet ingredients (pick and choose whichever ones you want!):

You might already have these:
-Salt: for protection against nightmares, sleep paralysis, negative influences-Cinnamon / cloves: for protection and also for attracting abundance
-Pepper: to ward off all negative energy
-Rosemary: protects and adds positive energy
-Eucalyptus: protective and encourages wisdom-Lavender: to encourage relaxation and peaceful sleep
-Chamomile: for gentle relaxation and a positive influence on sleep

Fancy stuff you may want to order:
Blue lotus: induces a pleasant and gently psychedelic waking dream-state before allowing you to easily slip into beautiful dreams; has been used since the ancient Egyptians for lucid and prophetic dreams
-Wormwood: associated with psychedelic dreams and spiritual wisdom; try for more adventurous dreams
-Mugwort: enhances psychic abilities; may allow you to better control or remember your dreams, and may cause psychic dream visions
-Rose petals: to attract more love energy into your consciousness and life
-Hops: soothing and relaxing for calmer sleep

If you would like to go one step further, I suggest slipping a small crystal into your sachet as well for extra potency:
-Quartz or a clear / white crystal: to purify, protect, and direct your energy during sleep
-Black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian, lava rock, or any dark crystal: protection from nightmares and negative energy during sleep-Amethyst or any purple stone (charoite was used in the sachet above): this will help with deep relaxation, connecting with inner wisdom, and spiritual healing
-Rose quartz or pink tourmaline: for attracting love and lovely dreams!

Please keep in mind that these are my favorite options, but there are so many more! If you feel called to add any ingredients not on this list, go for it! Listen to your intuition!

Once you have added all the ingredients, whisper “sweet dreams” into the sachet to program it with your intentions, and then tie it closed and slip it under your pillow or inside your pillow case.

With so much crazy energy swirling around, this tried-and-true remedy for strange sleep comes in more handy than ever. How have you been feeling, by the way? We are coming off the heels of a rare planet parade (on July 4th, all planets – even Pluto – lined up perfectly on the same side of the sun) and a full moon with a lunar eclipse. So feeling a little funky right now is VERY appropriate. (And yes, Mercury is still in retrograde until the 12th of this month, too.)

I’ll leave you with some dream wisdom:

Just like our planetary neighbors have demonstrated, things can come into alignment perfectly in ways we never could even fully imagine or comprehend. I invite you to trust that the workings of the universe are coming together in your favor.

At this point, we have no choice but to believe in miracles.

So sleep on that, why don’t ya! Sweet dreams, dreamers!

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