psychedelic sound healing

PSYCHEDELIC sound healing with singing bowls?!? YES.

What is up witchy friends?!? Wanna hear something cool that will make you feel great? Listen to my first psychedelic sound healing jam sesh with the universe, and read on to learn more about its incredible benefits!

A brief confession: I used to think sound healing was just a bunch of pretty noises that make you feel relaxed. Then I had an experience that changed the way I thought about sound forever. I hadn’t even expected to experience a sound healing that day; a healer had just happened to make an appearance at a full moon gathering to walk the labyrinth at Maui’s Sacred Garden.

When the healer began to hum while playing her singing bowl, at first I just thought, this sounds beautiful. But suddenly I felt a very strong physical sensation as if someone had grabbed the back of my neck and pulled upwards. I felt a lump gather in my throat, followed by the strongest full-body chills I have ever had from my head to my toes. Instantly, I felt this release of this heavy burden of depression I had been carrying for years.

Inexplicably, in a room full of people, I started absolutely bawling. And I mean, I am a Pisces and all, but I have never broken down crying like that in the middle of anything. Thankfully the room was dark and no one seemed to notice, but it was like a whole ocean of tears poured down my face. It was an amazing release, such a cathartic cry – like everything I needed to let go of was finally free to flow out of me. From that day onward, the depression I had been trying so hard to shake was GONE. I was instantly healed and released from the pain I was feeling, and it never came back.

And thus began a much greater interest in the benefits of sound healing.

It turns out, sound healing is MUCH more powerful than it seems. Yes, psychedelic sound healing is absolutely a thing. Here’s why.

First, a cool etymology fact: the word “psychedelic” comes from the Latin word “psyche” (of the mind, soul, spirit) and the Greek “delos,” meaning “manifest.” So “psychedelic” is “mind manifesting.” This isn’t limited to drugs; sound has the incredible ability to manifest alterations in our minds and physical reality.

Many of us have heard of Masaru Emoto’s studies of sound’s effects on water. (For those of you who haven’t, he discovered that sound can affect the shape of water crystals.) And who is made of about 60% water? YOU!

Studies have shown that other life forms are influenced by sound as well. Plants’ growth can be positively or negatively influenced depending on the sounds nearby.

This isn’t just a spiritual thing – it’s science. We are all made up of tiny molecules and particles that vibrate at different frequencies. Everything is.

In fact, certain places on our planet are known to emit particular frequencies that match those of our bodies. The frequency of Haleakala, Maui’s volcano, vibrates with the same resonance of the human heart. Sedona’s frequencies fall within the range of our brains’ delta waves.

After my sound healing experience, I decided to start listening to Hz frequencies on YouTube. I cannot even put into words how easily and quickly it can shift your entire state of being. TRY IT. Experience this for yourself. You can use this to relax, wind down, fall asleep, manifest abundance, experience a quantum leap… there is a frequency for every occasion. This may seem like such a small thing, but the changes it will make to your mindset and life are HUGE.

Which brings me to why I’m calling this “psychedelic” sound healing. Sound has been used to create altered states since the days of ancient shamanic traditions. Our brains exhibit measurable changes when exposed to different sound frequencies.

So this is why I will be sharing more and more sound healing. I truly believe in its benefits on our well-being and its ability to influence our reality, and I believe we all need this now more than ever. Please enjoy my first foray into sound healing videos with these singing bowls that help heal your heart and connect to your intuition.

Peace, love, and good vibrations, always.

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