summer solstice ritual

10 Summer Solstice Ritual Ideas: How to Celebrate Midsummer, 2020 Edition

Welcome back, witches!

Can you feel it? There are major energetic shifts about to happen, both in the cosmos and on our planet. Let’s touch on why the 2020 Summer Solstice is bringing a much needed energetic reset this year, and I’ll share my favorite Summer Solstice ritual ideas. Read on for ideas on how to celebrate Midsummer, the longest day of the year and a holiday representing love, light, and the joy that comes with being alive on our beautiful Earth.


We must acknowledge the significance of today’s date: June 19th, known as Juneteenth (please click for ways to celebrate and support). This date commemorates the emancipation of the last remaining slaves and the actual abolition of slavery in the United States in 1865, belatedly following the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.

As we continue to fight for racial equality and justice in this country and around the world, we can channel the cosmic energies influencing us to continue to manifest constructive changes on our planet. While some progress has been made, this battle is far from over, and by understanding our galaxy’s influence on our inner workings, we can also better understand how to continue to take action for the betterment of humanity.

This year, Juneteenth falls right before the new moon and Summer Solstice. There is a solar eclipse this weekend as well, and the moon is transitioning from Gemini into Cancer. The energy of these next few days will give us an opportunity to release any remaining ties to the shitty old reality we need to leave behind.

In short: now is the time to do any inner work we need to do to get right with ourselves, so we can better help right the wrongs of our world.

If you have been feeling heavy recently, especially if you are an empath feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, this weekend will bring a change to the collective energy body that will allow us to find more constructive ways to process and direct our emotions.

Tonight is an opportunity for release, so let yourself feel what you need to feel. It may be helpful to write your thoughts and feelings down, write about it, and shred, burn, or bury the paper. Let it go to move forward next.


Tomorrow’s new moon in Cancer (June 20th) will allow the tide of a softer, more nurturing energy to wash over us. With it will come the ability to be more vulnerable both inside and outside the self, allowing us to truly open our eyes and take a look at everything that is going on without shying away. While the influence of Cancer energy will allow us to retreat inward, focusing on self-care and recuperation, this will also allow us to fortify ourselves for the next moves we make outwardly in the world.

On Sunday, June 21st, the North Pole will be tilted towards our sun for the Summer Solstice (also known as “Midsummer”), the longest day of the year. There will also be a solar eclipse, although we unfortunately won’t be able to view it from the US (and for the record, I don’t blame it – if I could, I would avoid the US right now, too).

Both the Summer Solstice and solar eclipses are considered energy portals; opportunities to quickly shift from one version of reality to another. In this case, the emphasis is shifting towards a brighter future, thankfully. These two events occurring together to start off this new moon cycle will bring about illumination, clarity, and the ability to put our energy into action instead of feeling stuck with it like we have been recently.

And yes, Mercury did just go into retrograde, but before you panic, hear me out: like our new moon, Mercury will be hanging out in Cancer for the duration of this period. So this inward pull we will be feeling will be a time where we can really take some time to take care of ourselves and consider our needs. While some discomfort may continue to surface, we will have the inner space to be able to do an incredible amount of healing that may have been years in the making.

We are being guided to heal, reflect and nurture ourselves, with the purpose of being able to step into our best possible selves when we reenter the world.

summer solstice ritual


So how can we make the best of everything, to be our best selves, for our best possible world? Here are some ideas you can pick and choose from to create your own Summer Solstice ritual or celebration:

  1. Release: As mentioned earlier, now is an excellent time to write down anything that needs to be let go of, released, left behind, blah blah blah, let’s get it out of here! You can then shred, bury, or burn the words to seal the deal.
  2. Meditation: As we are experiencing a profound shift and entering a portal, aided by the intuitive water energies of Cancer, now is an excellent time to reconnect with our intuition. Set aside time to meditate somewhere you feel peaceful.
  3. Sunshine: The longest day of the year means the longest amount of time the sun is shining down on us, so find a way to (safely) soak it up!
  4. Nature: Hopefully getting a little sunshine means getting a little nature too! At this time of year nature is truly having a party, so spend some time where you can really bask in this flourishing nature energy. You’ll find this will ease your transition into the new moon cycle’s healing process.
  5. Flowers: As nature’s beauty continues to show off even in the midst of humanity’s foibles, flowers continue to be a gentle reminder of the beauty present on this Earth. Collect flowers, wear them in your hair, or decorate your home with them to welcome their vibrant yet soft energy into your inner space. You can always leave them as an offering to a sacred space in nature, like the flowers from my garden I brought to the sea.
  6. Summer fruit: What better way to celebrate the bounty of our earth by appreciating delicious summer produce in all its juicy scrumptiousness? Savor the flavors while envisioning the sweetness nourishing your soul.
  7. Tea & cakes: Midsummer is traditionally a pagan holiday, so why not partake in this delicious pagan tradition? Enjoy tea and a sweet treat mindfully, feeling immense gratitude for the ability to experience pleasure on Earth. Chamomile tea has traditionally been enjoyed and used on this day as a face wash as a ritual for enduring beauty and brightness.
  8. Crystals: To help facilitate the transition to brighter times, meditate or place near you crystals that make you feel like sunshine. Great choices include citrine, yellow or orange calcite, amber, carnelian, sunstone, tiger’s eye, topaz, and quartz. Place them in the sunshine to charge them with Midsummer light.
  9. Express love: Tell the people you love that you love them and appreciate their presence in your life. Yes, there is a lot of fucked up shit happening in the world, and we need to stay committed to calling that out too, but that is also all the more reason to emphasize and amplify the good things as well. Love needs to have a loud voice these days
  10. Plant the seeds for your intentions: You don’t have to literally plant seeds (although this is also an excellent way to celebrate!), but especially starting Sunday, going through a portal means you have an accelerated ability to manifest. In order to bring your thoughts into reality, you will need to pay special attention to ensure your thoughts are aligned with your goals. Use affirmations to remind you of your commitment to what you want to bring into your life and the world. Keep your ATTENTION on your INTENTIONS: what you are attracting.

Humanity is turning a corner right now. Our collective consciousness shift is accelerating and a series of rapid changes will continue to occur. I’m not saying everything is going to suddenly be perfect, but we do have a major opportunity for positive change. Let’s reconnect to the supportive energies of our planet and universe so that they will guide our actions for the benefit of all humankind.

Blessed and so shall it be. And it is.

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