how to get started as a witch

How to get started as a witch: find your unique spiritual path & WAKE UP to your magic! (IN DEPTH DISCUSSION + VIDEO)

What’s up witches??

You may have already heard humanity is in the midst of something called a consciousness shift, meaning many people are waking up to the knowledge that there is more to life than what we have previously been told.

Spiritual awakening is in the air, and I am getting asked more than ever by those waking up to their magic, “Where the heck do I begin?” So open that beautiful mind of yours up and slip on your grooviest shades, because I am about to show you not only how to get started as a witch, but how to find your own unique spiritual path.

This is such a good question because embarking on your magical journey can be a LOT. While there is more information available now than ever before, having so many options can hard to decide how to get started as a witch. So where should you begin? Fear not, your witchy gal pal is here to spill the secrets of how to wake up to your magic! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite magical things to look into when you are getting started on your spiritual path.

Check out this trippy video I made on the subject, and follow along with my class notes here:


First thing’s first: What does it even mean to be a witch? Honestly, it’s up to you to decide what it means to you. “Witch” is a gender-neutral term, so anyone can be a witch. There are tons of different types of witches with different practices, but generally a witch is someone who practices witchcraft or magic. Witches tend to have a close working relationship with the earth, life, and consciousness itself.


Another important thing to note is that you can practice witchcraft independently of religion, there are Christian witches, Wiccan witches, witches who belong to other religions or no religion at all. Witchcraft is a spiritual practice. (Wicca is a Pagan religion in which witchcraft is often practiced, but that is not always necessarily the case.)

Also, did you know the word “witch” originated from the word “weird,” which used to mean “destiny” or “fate”? A witch is someone who works with energy, which can influence your fate. And you will certainly be getting a little weird along the way.

That is what being a witch is to me: understanding the magical interconnection we have with all of life itself – all of consciousness itself. Tuning in to this connection allows you to awaken to your own innate psychic abilities and intuition. Don’t worry, even if this seems challenging at first, the more you make an effort to listen, the stronger this will get.

Super quickly, here’s what witchcraft is not about: you do not need to go out and buy anything to become a witch. You don’t have to have ANYTHING to be a witch. It’s not about the aesthetic (though that is super fun too) or even about doing a ton of fancy spells. Those are all tools to get you in the right mindset, but that’s where the magic comes from.

It’s not about how much shit you have, it’s about the magic you find inside yourself. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is very important to remember and very true. If you are just maybe beginning to perceive that you might have magic inside of you, guess what? YOU ARE MAGICAL! You already have everything you need. And you better believe it!


The first thing you are going to need to commit to is being aware of magic in your life. Every day, wake up with the mindset that something magical could happen today. The more magic you seek out and pay attention to, the more magic you will find.

And one of the first things that will start happening to you when you make the conscious commitment to seeing, experiencing, and perceiving more magic in your life is synchronicity. Synchronicity is when things come together in unexpected ways; coincidences that feel meaningful but are hard to explain.

Keep an eye out for repeating numbers – perhaps you’ll look at the clock at a certain time every day or a number will keep coming up for you. These are called Angel Numbers; pay attention to which ones appear for you so that you can look up their meaning.

Here are some common ones, but there is so much more to learn!


One easy way to strengthen your intuition and awareness of the magic in your life is to spend quiet time alone, preferably in nature.

“Sitting out on the land” is an ancient witchcraft practice, so take time to sit or walk out in nature and pay attention to what plants, animals, and other features catch your eye. Increasing your connection with the natural world around you will help you remember your connection to it, and your connection to its magic.

If you can’t quite get out in nature, don’t worry! There is another way you can tune into your intuition from home. Start listening to Hz frequencies, particularly right before bed or as you are falling asleep. These frequencies vibrate at the same frequencies as parts of our bodies and planet, feeling strangely but comfortably familiar. They are incredibly relaxing and help open your mind so that you can more easily experience a heightened state of awareness.

Try a YouTube search for “Hz frequency” or “Hz frequency meditation” and you will find plenty to choose from. This will quickly shift your mindset into something more magical! It is also excellent for soothing anxiety and other heightened emotional states.


Your state of mind truly is EVERYTHING when it comes to finding your magic. So something that I think is crucial to developing that is having some element of meditation and / or yoga in your practice. This will help you expand your consciousness and awareness, as well as cultivate that control of your emotions that will help you channel your energy into specific purposes.

Even if meditation or yoga have never really been your thing, I suggest that you consider trying different varieties. There are so many different ways to practice mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Some are active, some are chill, and some simply involve the breath. You can even practice mindfulness and meditation while doing random crap around your house, magical multitaskers!

My personal favorite is Kundalini yoga; the combination of fluid motions, breath work, and mantras make it feel like casting a spell (because it is). Finding a meditation or mindfulness technique you love will really help you relax into and enjoy your spiritual journey. I guarantee once you find what works for you, it will feel amazing, so please keep trying! ( is an excellent resource.)

And if you already enjoy meditation / yoga, consider incorporating more elements of magic into your practice. Try placing crystals on your yoga mat, putting plants in your meditation space, and delving deeper into your favorite practices.


If you haven’t done this yet, look up your birth chart! There are even apps for this nowadays – try Co-star. It will tell you so much more than just your sun sign, and will explain what it all means, too. Knowing the juicy details on your birth chart will help you understand your unique spiritual energy, giving you insight on your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Astrology and witchcraft are very much linked, so this is definitely something worth looking into!


Whether or not you get super into astrology, start paying attention to the moon! I mean, it’s pretty much impossible to talk about witchcraft without bringing up the moon. So look up at the sky! Pay attention to the phases the moon is in and how you feel during the different phases.

Certain types of witchcraft are best practiced under certain moon phases, as the particular energy of each phase is different. Once you start paying attention to the moon, you will start to notice that it really does have influence over us! This will help you channel your energetic efforts into the appropriate type of magic for the moon phase you are under.


I know I said you don’t NEED anything to be a witch…

But when you are ready to start collecting tools, I HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on a deck of Tarot cards. There’s a reason they have been so popular for such a long time, and their popularity is only growing. That is because they are an incredibly helpful tool for self reflection. And you can use them in spells, too!

When you feel ready, start looking at different Tarot decks. There are so many beautiful varieties to choose from these days, so you are bound to find one that you vibe with. Every Tarot deck is filled with symbolism that is designed to stimulate your subconscious mind, allowing you to stumble upon realizations you might not have otherwise come by.


Speaking of inner reflection, I just want to say that when you embark on your spiritual path, you will be doing a ton of introspection. And what will likely happen when you spend more time chilling alone with your thoughts and feelings is that some gnarly repressed stuff could bubble to the surface for you to deal with.

Believe it or not, this is a good thing – it means you are making progress. Being aware of unresolved trauma, insecurities, or challenges will allow you to work on them and heal. You have the opportunity to overcome this; instead of resisting the discomfort that may come up, see if you can lean into it and learn something from it.

Emotions run in cycles. If you try to stop the cycle, you’ll get stuck. But if you allow it to cycle through and run its course, you will be able to come out the other side.

I think Tarot, witchcraft, meditation, and yoga are all incredibly helpful for working through this self-development. You do have to be okay with some discomfort while taking a good hard look at yourself, but here’s the thing:

No one can truly be “love and light” without first doing a bit of what witches call “shadow work.” This is “sitting with your shadow” and learning to make peace with the parts of yourself that you may have previously found difficult to accept.

Doing this will free you up to embrace unconditional love for yourself, and the whole of consciousness that we all belong to. It is certainly not an easy part of the process, but that is part of what a spiritual path is: coming home to yourself. So when you have a tool like Tarot that is so visual and fun, it can make confronting those personal truths a little less scathing.


There is one thing I cannot stress enough: please read some books on witchcraft! Not everyone loves to read, but I guarantee you if you get even just one or two books on witchcraft, you will have a way deeper understanding of what witchcraft is and what your options are. Look for something that looks like what you would want to read, and pick and choose what resonates with you.

Try looking into books on different types of witchcraft. There are SO MANY different kinds! Even if you are not Wiccan, I recommend looking into books on Wicca as well, as traditional Wiccan practices are an excellent foundation on which to build and personalize your craft. (Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura is an excellent choice here.) This is what I did; I grew up as a practicing Wiccan, and as I got older I realized I had my own take on everything. This is why I created California Witchcraft, my own custom chill concoction of practices – and I encourage you to create your own as well!

It is SO helpful to read a book about Tarot, as this will allow you to gain understanding and knowledge of the story the cards describe – the universal human and spiritual experience. Understanding the deeper connections at work will greatly assist you in integrating the Tarot’s wisdom into your life.

My favorite Tarot books for gaining a deeper knowledge are:

Living the Tarot by Amber Jayanti
The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien
Jung and the Tarot: An Archetypal Journey by Sallie Nichols

Another excellent topic to delve into is mythology. The roots of pretty much every witchcraft practice are tied into myths, and both have been passed down by magical humans since some of the earliest recorded human civilizations. Understanding the history that everything came from will give you more context for your modern witchcraft adventures today.

I recently read and loved these books on mythology:

You Are Woman You Are Divine: The Modern Woman’s Journey Back to The Goddess by Renee Starr
Women Who Run With The Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Myths to Live By – Joseph Campbell

(Also I want to note that both titles that say the name “women” are otherwise inclusionary in their language and reference the divine feminine aspect, which is independent of gender and present in all beings.)

Look into different types of spells as well! A great way to learn to create spells is to practice tried-and-true ones. You can modify spells to suit your purposes as you please. Three excellent books on spell crafting are:

The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book by Skye Alexander
The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems by Lady Passion and Diuvei
1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose by Cassandra Eason


I do briefly want to touch on the ethics of spellwork. Look, I’m not trying to tell you what to do or what kind of witch you can or can’t be. However, there is a rule that exists that I would like to mention. It is traditionally a Wiccan rule and not all witches follow this. It is known as the Rule of Three:

Whether or not you believe in the Rule of Three, the Law of Attraction is very real! Whatever you send out in the world has your energetic signature attached to it, and this will be reflected back to you in some shape or form.

So whenever you are considering a magical working, I encourage you to take a look at why you are doing this, so that you can ensure your actions are aligned with your values and beliefs. I like to put it this way: do you really want to curse your ex, or do you just want to be happy?

Consider phrasing things in a more positive light; even if you want to deflect or let go of something, put the emphasis on what you want to nourish and protect. That is where your energy will be funneled into.

So while I encourage you to “go towards the light,” your choices are ultimately your call.


It can be whatever you want it to be!

I consider spellwork energy work, and a form of meditation. You are putting your intentions into action, utilizing physical actions to express those intentions to the universe.

One of the main goals of spellwork is to manifest – to bring something into existence.

So instead of thinking about things like “I want this” / “I don’t have this but I need it”…

Try thinking about things as if you are grateful in advance that they are already yours.

Making the conscious choice to perceive things in a positive light will allow your energy to be more productive, and your spells will be more effective.


OK, we’ve covered that you don’t NEED anything to cast a spell. But it can be fun and helpful to have tools. So think about collecting things that may already be around you; objects from nature, shells from the beach, a feather, plants, sand, soil, water. etc… This will help you incorporate nature energy into your practice.

It also just helps to have a physical object on which to place your focus. This is why I love keeping a crystal and / or candle nearby.

Just think about what kinds of supplies could fit into your witchy practice. What matters is how you feel about it. So if something feels magical to you, it is!


You will want to seek out a sacred space – a place to perform your magical workings, and perhaps to keep your magical things. This doesn’t have to be in your home, so feel free to get creative; your sacred space could be your favorite tree!

If possible, it is nice to have even a small shelf or cubby with at least one magical doodad or two. You can make this as simple or as decked out as you want. Feel free to incorporate anything that reminds you of your magic. It will feel like a mini sanctuary, something that is completely dedicated to your magic and your craft.

I started with a few crystals and a candle, and will warn you, quickly spiraled into a crystal collecting addiction. (No complaints.)


Casting spells is all about your intentions, so that is the only ingredient you really need!

If you want to make a thing of it, you can do things as simply as just lighting a candle and / or stating your intention out loud. It can also be super complicated and have a ton of steps if you want to be fancy like that! If a spell really speaks to you, it will be so much more effective, because you will truly believe in it – going back to the power of that intention, baby!

If you want some succulent spell selections, I have a ton of spells available for you here and even a Build-A-Spell Workshop where you can easily whip out your own freshly baked magic!

So just to reiterate, get clear on the intention on your spell and why you are doing it, make sure you are doing things in a way that is consistent with your values, and be grateful for the results of the spell as if you already have them.

Remember to really ask yourself, what belongs in your life? The clearer you are about those intentions, the more effective your spells will become.


You’ll want to look into herbs too, and speaking of herbs…

There is something I don’t often hear brought up during discussions on witchcraft: PSYCHEDELICS! This is strange because the history of both psychedelics and witchcraft are oddly and inextricably intertwined.

Exploring magic is exploring your connection to consciousness, and all of life itself.

Look, a psychedelic experience is not an essential prerequisite for witchcraft. And my disclaimer is, I’m not encouraging anyone to go do drugs or whatever. But psilocybin containing mushrooms and other plant medicines are becoming increasingly decriminalized, so if you happen to find yourself with a safe / legal / responsible opportunity in which you want to explore this, it may well assist you on your spiritual journey.

Psychedelics “free your mind” from its default settings in much the same way as meditation and yoga. There is a reason why they call magic mushrooms “magic mushrooms,” after all!

They help get you in touch with the very nature of consciousness itself, while connecting you with nature, the earth, and your own magic as well. The psychedelic experience does really help put all this spirituality stuff into perspective pretty quickly, too.

It may not be for everyone, so I would not encourage you to do this unless you feel absolutely ready and have done inner work on yourself beforehand. (Exploring some issues that may come up for you and what you can work on is an important step to prepare.)

If you are newer to the psychedelic experience but curious about how to “open your mind,” why not try blue lotus? This flower tea is a legal psychedelic that has been used since the ancient Egyptians to induce a mild waking dream state. It will introduce you to the nature of the psychedelic experience and provide you with connection to plant consciousness, but it won’t be overwhelming. You can read more about it here and order online here.

Well there you have it, magical peeps! Those are some ways to get started on your witchy journey an find your own unique spiritual path. I believe in you! Have a magical day, and don’t you ever forget that you are magical just the way you are.

Also, yes, I’m trying YouTube again… why not. I’ll likely post here once or twice a week and will include beefier content and videos! Keep me posted if you have any questions you would like me to cover in future updates! Love you magical cherubs!

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