pleiades portal

The Pleiades Portal is open!

No, it’s not an episode of Rick and Morty! We are currently under the influence of a dazzling celestial event, known as the Pleiades Portal. Wondering what the heck the Pleiades Portal is and what it means? Allow me to shine some light on your cosmic curiosities!

The Pleiades and the Seven Sisters are both names for this dazzling star cluster that is among the closest to Earth. This cluster of stars has long been thought to have mystical properties, and are even believed to be home to advanced multidimensional spirit beings. When the sun moves in their direction each year around May 16th through 24th, the light they shine towards the sun beams through to Earth. This event is known as the opening of the Pleiades Portal.

According to legends and spiritual interpreters channeling Pleiadian messages, these highly evolved beings seek to help guide Earth towards a path of love, light, and higher consciousness. As they shine the illumination of their wisdom onto our planet, we have the ability to receive their gift of wisdom and guidance to move forward with clarity.

So how can we take full advantage of the Pleiadian Portal opening?

Now is a time to keep your mind open to the infinite possibilities available to you as a living being with the ability to create. Coupled with the recent new moon, this is a powerful time for manifestation.

A portal is an opportunity to move to the next level in life. Time to upgrade! By committing to positive transformation through our changing times, we can step through this portal into the next step in our journey.

This weekend, as much as you can, please let a little sun shine into your forehead! Gaze at the sun (carefully) and note its enhanced brilliance. Know in your heart that you are being lovingly guided through your exploration of our incredible universe.

To the portal, and beyond!!!

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