protection spell

A simple protection spell

How are we doing, folks? How are you really doing, I mean?

The reality of our current world situation has been hitting me in waves. Sometimes I feel like I’m chugging along just fine, and sometimes I just feel so helpless! The more I talk to others, the more I realize I am not alone (in this feeling, at least). We all wish there was more we could do to really feel safe.

Enter this simple protection spell. At the absolute least, you’ll get the mental satisfaction of feeling like you are taking some kind of extra action to stay safe. And at the best, well, it just might work!

So why not try a protection spell that is tried and true? This protection spell is based on a ritual that has been practiced throughout history in Africa, Germany, and Japan! It is still in use today, and the fact that it has been passed down and used throughout the world certainly suggests there might be something to this!

You only need one ingredient for this protection spell: salt! Salt has long been associated with protection and purification.

To perform this spell, simply sprinkle the salt at the doorway of the room you sleep in. Visualize yourself feeling a deep sense of safety of comfort as you sprinkle it, and as often as you remember to as you pass through the doorway.

It is no secret that the power of a spell lies in the intention behind it. The action of the spell is the physical manifestation of your commitment to bringing that intention into reality. If you continuously affirm you are healthy and safe, you are signaling over and over again that this is your reality.

These last few days of the waning moon make the perfect time to cast this spell! Just take it with enough of a grain of salt not to get overconfident and start licking doorknobs, ok? Promise? Good. Happy spell-casting, salty ones!

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