benefits of chlorophyll water

Reap the benefits of chlorophyll water and ACV with my daily health elixir, witch water!

If there’s one thing we love in California, it’s boujee juice bars and fancy health drinks. Now that many of these fancy health elixirs are a little harder to come by, why not start whipping up custom concoctions at home?

For years I have made this strange brew I call “witch water” part of my daily routine. Read on to learn about the benefits of chlorophyll water and ACV (apple cider vinegar), and how you can easily combine them for a refreshing health elixir at home!

First of all, let’s cover the benefits of these simple ingredients:

Chlorophyll: It’s not just what makes plants green! Ingesting chlorophyll helps to increase the movement of oxygen throughout the body, supporting cellular and overall health. This increase creates a natural boost in energy and mood levels that makes you feel “fresh.” It has anti-inflammatory properties as well due to its high antioxidant content.

Apple cider vinegar: ACV has a wide range of benefits, from helping with acne to easing digestion and even promoting weight loss! It is especially helpful right now because it has antimicrobial properties and thins out mucous in the throat, helping your body to rid its respiratory system of mucous more quickly.

Lemon juice: Like ACV, lemon juice breaks up mucous and helps with digestion. It also soothes the throat and is a source of Vitamin C.

Baking soda: Adding just a pinch of this reduces the acidity of the ACV, and adds a slight fizziness.

Water: Staying hydrated is important, and you already know this. A tall glass of H2O is the base for this concoction, making it a great way to creatively drink more water every day!

That’s right, this powerful blend allows you to enjoy all of those health-boosting benefits at once! As soon as I started adding this drink to my daily routine, I noticed an immediate boost to my mood and energy levels. It honestly feels like drinking sunshine!

This is the magic combo!

A few key details to keep in mind:
-For the most possible benefit, you’ll want to choose ACV “with the mother.” This glob of fermented yeast and probiotics is what gives it all those powerful properties!
-There are many different forms of chlorophyll available, some more concentrated than others. This is the one I have been using. It has very little flavor at all, so I would avoid purchasing varieties with added flavorings (I’ve been told they taste funny). Keep in mind it is very pigmented and can stain, so be careful!
-Fresh-squeezed lemon juice is always best, but if you are having trouble finding lemons like I am, the bottled juice works just fine.

Try mixing like this: one full glass of water (about 8oz) + one tbsp chlorophyll + one capful of ACV + a little pinch of baking soda. Drop a couple ice cubes in for added refreshment!

The taste is light, lemony, and refreshing. The feeling? An instant and sustained pick-me-up that will boost your health and your day. As an added bonus, this emerald-hued elixir truly looks like a magic potion. Give my witch water a try, and let me know what you think!

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