Mother’s Day appreciation for Mom and Mother Earth!

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s my mom I have to thank for being here and while it certainly can’t even begin to repay her for everything she has done for me, it feels only right to dedicate today’s post to this absolute angel on Earth!

I want you to know about my awesome mom. She has quite the story! My mom has faced incredible challenges and hardships throughout her life. You would think with all she has been through, she would harbor bitterness or a harsh view of the world. But when I say my mom is an angel on Earth, I really mean it! My mom has the kindest purest heart of anyone I have ever met. She lives by the phrase “go towards the light,” always choosing to see the best in people and situations. No matter what happens around her, she stands strong in her resolve to act from a place of integrity and kindness. She is the most giving and nurturing soul; when there is a problem, she is there to help in any way she can. Throughout my life I have watched her uplift everyone around us through her acts of kindness, lighthearted nature, sense of humor, and creative talents. As a published author and all-around magical human, she taught me to love writing and all things witchy. She has been my biggest supporter from day one – my mom and my best friend!

My mom’s kindness has impacted many more lives than my own; she is the founder of WOMEN-SV, a nonprofit that helps women from a range of economic backgrounds escape from domestic violence situations. Her tireless work to connect women in need with the resources to guide them to safety has changed the lives of thousands. Sadly, a recent uptick in domestic violence cases has made her work even more essential than ever. If you or someone you know is in need, please don’t hesitate to refer them to her website.

This will make me sound like such a hippie, but whatever: I want to extend this appreciation to the mother of all of us, Mother Earth! Let’s take a moment today to appreciate being able to be here at all: MAMA!

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