the moon tarot card

Tarot Tuesday on a Thursday because time is an illusion and HAVE YOU NOTICED THE MOON LATELY???

Wow, y’all really let me get away with skipping Tarot Tuesday, huh? I’ll admit, in the absence of a regular routine, my concept of time has been completely distorted! It feels like just yesterday we were talking about the Hanged Man, but that was over a week ago! Anyway, welcome back to your Tarot Tuesday, on a Thursday.

Last night’s epic full moon in Scorpio really captured my full attention! Sometimes I don’t feel much during the buildup towards the full moon, but throughout the week I became increasingly aware of a palpable intensity in the air. Turns out I wasn’t alone; several friends have reached out to me describing a particular feeling of restlessness, passionate energy, and drive to DO something! So it sounds like the perfect time to discuss one of my favorite cards, THE MOON!

Shrouded in mystery, the moon card often confuses people, because its meanings literally include “confusion,” “mystery,” and “the unknown.” So here we have a card that seems to describe the indescribable. And at present, the shadowy void of the future we are headed towards could certainly use a little celestial illumination.

So what does it mean when the moon card appears? Often this card describes a phase in your journey when you are headed off into the unknown, facing an uncertain future. Pretty sure that describes all of us right now!

To ascend to your most evolved state of being – self-realization as your highest self – you must push past this fear of the unknown. Like the phases of the moon, you are called to continuously transform yourself as your life requires. The stream from which all life comes is leading you forth, calling you to open your eyes and have the courage to face this journey so that you may gain the wisdom you need. If you set aside your fear and rise to the occasion just as the moon does each night, you will be rewarded with clarity to light the way ahead.

Flipping through my favorite Tarot book, Amber Jayanti’s Living the Tarot, I am particularly struck by how she uses the moon to describe the evolution of our consciousness. “The human mind is slowly becoming aware that just as the Moon reflects the Sun, we reflect the Divine. Our body is not only a spiritual instrument, but both it and the physical world around us mirror the world of the spirit. The unfolding of higher consciousness transpires in and through the physical body and environment.” The illumination the moon provides allows us to wake up to the secrets of our own inherent transformative power. We are reminded to carefully navigate and find balance in the waters of both our physical and emotional realities as we move onward.

So how can we apply this to our lives today? In the face of looming shadow and uncertainty, we are presented with a choice: look to the outside and bring fear and confusion home with you, or look to the inside and work with what you have to illuminate the best path. When you have the courage to look for the light in the darkness, the light will find you. The moon serves as a reminder that as long as you walk this earth, you will never be completely stuck in darkness. We are all being guided “home” to our inherent wisdom by the illuminating spiritual nature of the ever-watching moon above us.

We are being collectively forced to acknowledge both the shadow side of our world, and our shadow selves. It is by having the bravery to face these shadows, and still look for the light, the illumination, the way forward, that we can transcend and heal even while walking through darkness.

We can work through this, we can grow through this, and we can come out the other side full of wisdom and ready to shine. Find the courage in your heart to face what lies ahead with openness and a willingness to work with what you are given. Onward!!!

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