Venus over the sea

Just a little story tonight…

I always admired the super bright “star” that is first to appear over the western horizon… until I quite recently learned it was not a star at all – it’s Venus! I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a thrill as I realized that from my point of view, she hovers above the ocean, and even shines through my west-facing window. (My Venus is in Pisces – it feels oh so right!)

Moving towards the May 7th full moon in Scorpio, there is intensity building in the air. The energy of Venus glistening in our sky is passionate, fiery, and driven by love. If you are feeling a lot right now, it is certainly appropriate. Now is the time to connect with the passionate loving energy inside of us so that it may guide us onward. We can feel all kinds of things, but as cheesy as it may sound, the most important is love. Keep on shining your light to the world in any way you can, Venus reminds us. That is what you came here for!

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