cold brew coffee spell

A beginner’s guide to making cold brew coffee… and turning it into a spell for energy and vitality!

Are you tired of me trying to guess what day it is yet? Word off the street is, it’s somewhere near the beginning of the week… time to grab a cuppa caffeination and uh, stay right where you are, I guess?

Are you missing your old routine? Are you missing the little tidbits of normalcy that used to seem trivial, but now seem like a lifeline attached to reality as we knew it? For example, the casual coffee run. I’m even missing getting together with a friend to line up for twenty minutes for boujee coffees that we undoubtedly paid too much for. (Insert a comment about millennials and their priorities here.) In the absence of the daily rituals that fleshed out our former routines and brought a sense of comforting reliability to our world, I would like to suggest the creative invention of something new to temporarily take its place.

Sadly, a lot of coffeeshops are currently closed, and many of us are being forced to reconsider how we are allocating our resources. (And unfortunately those $7 lattes may not necessarily fit into the most sensible daily budget.) But good coffee is good coffee, man. Those cravings are not going to go away. With a little extra time on your hands, why not learn to make your own bomb ass cold brew? You can easily make boujee coffee your way AND save a bunch of money doing so. Better yet, because everything is better with a little magic, you can infuse your custom-crafted libation with an enchantment for an extra kick.

To make your cold brew, you need coffee grounds. Coarsely ground coffee is ideal because it is easy to strain, but I have also successfully used espresso powder and it was still delicious. You’ll want to have a large container for your brew, something for stirring, and something for straining. I have been using a giant Mason jar and compostable coffee filters. Honestly I think it would be way easier to use a cheesecloth to strain as the compostable filters break very easily (but in a pinch, it’ll do).

The process of making your own cold brew is actually super easy! You just put coffee grounds in your container and add water! (Usually about a 1:5 coffee to water ratio is good, but feel free to play around.) Once your container is full, give it three stirs counter-clockwise to slough off any inertia, and stir clockwise until the mixture looks and feels blended. While stirring, visualize the coffee bringing out the energy and vitality you need to make your dreams come true. Picture it fueling your life force and filling you with the confidence and motivation required to accomplish your goals. When you are done stirring, give yourself a little pat on the back: you are unstoppable!

Let your brew marinate in the fridge for anywhere from 18-24 hours. The next day, carefully strain the liquid from the grounds, and voila! You now have an energetically charged empowering beverage that will be the wind beneath your magical wings! Drink up, appreciate, and make magic happen!

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