Sunday Night Selenite

Ahh, another late evening blurring into early morning. Is anyone else creeping closer and closer to nocturnal hours these days? My natural sleep schedule seems to prefer 3am to 12pm as hibernation time, though I try to set my alarm for 11:11am as it makes me feel lucky. As I ponder whether to attempt to go to sleep soon, I find myself feeling drawn to hold a piece of selenite. I think this crystal has a Sunday night message for us all, as it can be particularly helpful during these trying times. Let’s reflect on the magical meaning of selenite!

According to my research, selenite is a crystalline form of the mineral gypsum. Reflective and translucent, its delicate beauty makes it look especially ethereal. It is named after the Hellenic goddess of the moon, Selene, and is associated with the moon and water. It is a high-vibrational crystal that can amplify and purify energy; it can charge and cleanse your other crystals by touching or being close to them. Selenite is said to bring clarity, so it is excellent to have with you while writing or meditating. I love to hold it while journaling, as it helps me to calmly process my thoughts and put them into words. Please note that this crystal can break down in water, so always keep it away from moisture!

In a time when many of us are confused about the present and uncertain of what lies ahead, selenite’s soothing illumination is especially called for. To channel its wisdom, take a few breaths while focusing on or holding this beautiful crystal. Open your mind to any guidance or clarity it may have to offer you. Keep it nearby throughout the day, and you might surprise yourself with what you realize!

I get a lot of questions about where to buy crystals; for most of my life, I have bought the majority of crystals on Haight Street. Sadly, crystal shops are closed until further notice; why not try Etsy in the meantime? I have found some good deals on there and it is nice to support independent artists and sellers! Let me know if you find any treasures, and if selenite helps illuminate the way for you!

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