blue lotus tea

Blue lotus tea for wavy plant energy

Welcome back to another late night chat about all things magical and enchanting in the world! I know I’ve been focusing a lot lately on ways we can all calm down, but that’s because we’re in a time where we need it even more than usual. Tonight let’s delve into something that will not only help you chill out, but will also elevate your mind and spirit with some wavy plant energy: blue lotus tea!

Blue lotus, which is actually another name for the blue water lily, is an entheogenic (psychoactive and consciousness altering) flower that has been used by humans since the ancient Egyptians. It possesses mild psychedelic properties and causes a soft dreamy state of consciousness while being gentle and relaxing to the body. In Egypt it was often steeped in wine and ingested to induce lucid dreams or just to party! It remains legal to this day – perhaps because its effect is mild enough to not create a debilitating high, and it does not seem to ever have had any negative effects. It’s just a tea… but like, a really cool tea. It’s a little more interesting than chamomile. (Sorry, chamomile. We still love you, but there’s no denying you are the ultimate mild child.)

These delicate flowers have a mild, earthy scent and flavor. They look beautiful floating in a teapot; the gentle undulations of their petals in the water mirror the soft wavy feeling you get when you drink it. The first thing I noticed after ingestion was a softening of the edges of reality; colors looked brighter, glowed, and seemed to have a holographic quality. Almost immediately after drinking this mystical brew, a deepening sense of calm and a state of dreamy contentedness washed over me. I feel creative, elevated, and aware of a deep sense of loving inner wisdom every time I drink this tea.

As far as its psychedelic qualities, I would definitely say there is an enhancement to color, light and visual perception. I also noticed that the experience of listening to music was elevated, and my thoughts were trippy in a how-you-think-as-you’re-slipping-into-a-dream kind of way. I haven’t experienced any lucid dreams with it as far as I can remember, but it does seem to make waking life feel like a dream, and it has helped me wind down before sleep. Although I wouldn’t exactly say this tea makes me sleepy, it is very relaxing, so I would recommend ingesting it in the evening.

This is a beautiful plant that imbues you with its sense of beauty when you drink it. It is a great way to experience the magic that lies in the loving consciousness a plant can suggest to us. Drinking this tea feels like a warm hug from a flower, I kid you not!

I first discovered this tea through Elixart when it had a San Francisco location; you can order it from their website. I use a handful at a time in my teapot; you can pour fresh hot water on the flowers multiple times to re-steep and get the most magic out of them. You can also smoke the flowers alone or mixed with cannabis; obviously smoking comes with the associated health risks so please consider your actions accordingly! I think you’ll find the tea will take you on a perfectly pleasant trip.

Happy dreaming, dreamy dreamers!

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