Crystal magic for better dreams and sleep!

Literally everyone I know is reporting crazy dreams! As a byproduct of our disrupted lives and schedules, many people are reporting especially unusual sleep patterns too. (I’m personally trying to hold back from becoming completely nocturnal.) Why not use a crystal for a little magical help at bedtime?

Look, for the skeptics among us, I’m not going to try to sell you on any bullshit here. It’s comforting to hold a crystal and it makes you feel magical as fuck. Using a crystal is also a physical reminder of your intention and commitment to get better rest.

For the magically-minded among us who would like to dive deeper, crystals have long been believed to exert a magical influence on one’s sleep and dreams. There have even been claims that crystals can aid in lucid dreaming and astral projection. Moldavite, a rare stone from a meteorite, has even been reported to cause strange dreams related to extraterrestrials!

My experience with crystals and sleep is a little more simple! Personally, I just find that it is a comforting ritual to hold a crystal as I drift off to sleep. Having an object to focus on can help you calm your mind; this technique is used in many meditations. This has calmed me down on many nights where I felt wound up or overstimulated and didn’t think I would be able to fall asleep. If you feel lonely and your stuffed animals aren’t doing it for ya, take my word for it and try taking a crystal with you at bedtime to change up the vibe.

You can tuck your crystal under your pillow / in your pillowcase, but I like to either hold mine in my hand or set it on my chest. Please use a crystal that won’t break or hurt you if you roll over it in your sleep! Some of my favorite crystals to use include amethyst (my favorite to chill me out and help balance my mind when it’s racing), rose quartz (snuggle it for some loving energy), quartz (for clarity during dreams), and labradorite (for dreams that bring creative inspiration).

Let me know if you try this out and what you experience! Sweet enchanted dreams!

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