Oil yourself up babyyy! (let’s talk about anointing)

Hello friends. I feel like today we all need a hug. I know I can’t technically make that happen for you right now, but just know that if I could, I would.

Today I want to share with you a simple ritual that instantly helps you connect with the part of yourself that you know deep down is sacred and magical. It is the practice of anointing yourself with oil. There is so much power in using the few seconds it takes to lovingly anoint your body as an offering to the divinity within you, the essence in you which is connected to all life. Your body is the vessel through which you experience the amazing act of living, so why not take a moment to honor it?

You can use any essential oil for this practice. My recommendation would be to choose one associated with whatever it is you would like to cultivate in your life. For positivity I love Palo Santo, for calm try lavender, for love use rose, and for health try eucalyptus. (A safety note: some concentrated essential oils can irritate skin. Please research and carefully test your chosen oil to make sure it is safe to apply.) Flower essences are another great choice for attracting beauty into your life. Breathing deeply and being very present and intentional with what you are doing, place a dot of oil in whichever of these locations feels sacred to you: the top of your head, your forehead, your neck, the inside of your wrists, your chest, and / or your low belly. Know in your heart when you do this that you are sacred. If you want to be super extra about it, you can drop the oil on a crystal, then use the crystal to apply it to your skin. You are worth the indulgence!

When the sweet smell of your chosen oil wafts around you throughout the day, it will remind you why you applied it. You can also try this practice before going to sleep at night (lavender is my favorite for this) for a sweet smelling drift into your dreams. Taking small moments to honor that which is divine within you will help you remember that you yourself are magic.

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