Add these witchy rituals to your routine for more self love!

How are you hanging in there, magical friends? Staying luminous and celestial, I hope!

Everything has been A LOT lately, and as vague as that sounds, I think you know what I mean. We’ve been alone with ourselves, we’ve been staying in, we’ve done some shadow work, and we had a major moon moment recently. That heaviness in the air I mentioned yesterday is definitely still present. During the waning moon, especially in the aftermath of a supermoon, it is often helpful to do a bit of withdrawing into oneself for some much needed inner nurturing. Tonight I am offering a gentle sprinkling of little witchy rituals you can work into your routine for more self love every day.

Look, we’re all getting our shit rocked right now in various ways. It can be all too easy to internalize some of the negativity we are hearing around us. I beg of you, PLEASE seek out and select the option of being kind to yourself during this time. You need someone there for you, and that someone is already there – it is you.

It is more important than ever to be an advocate for your best interests. You have to know that no one will do that for you – you have to have your back!

You are the narrator of your life story, and it is your choice whether to make yourself the protagonist or the villain. Choose to stand up to yourself, for yourself, every day. The goal of all these little tricks I’m about to share is to help rewrite your internal narrative, one moment at a time, to align yourself with a habitual practice of deep self love and appreciation.


You already know I’m a big fan of affirmations, and they come in handy when reworking the story you tell yourself every day. Come up with a mantra you can use whenever you catch yourself slipping into negative self talk. My favorite has always been the very simple “I am love” – it allows me to step back from harassing myself and focus on the essence I want to always embody, love. Talk back to yourself! Connect with the part of you that wants to feel good, no matter how quiet that voice has been, and choose to give it your attention. When you catch yourself beginning to engage in an unhealthy mental or physical habit, stop to ask yourself what the motivation is. Are you doing things out of love for yourself? If not… it’s time to switch gears and do what you know in your heart will make you feel good. The more you practice these things, the more they will shape the way you think and act until they become your habits.


Having crystals around can be a powerful tool here, not just because they are magical and beautiful, but because they will catch your eye and remind you what you put them there for. Two of my favorite crystals to wear, hold, or have nearby to cultivate a more nurturing essence within myself are rose quartz and fluorite. Rose quartz is an eternal classic staple to give you warm fuzzy self love feelings. The reason I suggest fluorite is that it is believed to convert negative energy into positive energy. It is grounding and stabilizing, and is incredibly comforting to hold in times of internal strife.


You can take it one step further and be a lover to yourself! Romance yourself a little. Anoint yourself with a sweet smelling oil as an offering to the sacredness of your self (I like to do this on my forehead and neck, right behind my ears). At night when I’m about to eat dinner, I light a candle for myself. It’s such a small act but it makes me feel like I’m sitting down to a romantic candlelit dinner with myself every time. Draw yourself a bath with essential oils if you can. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: do some form of yoga daily! Move your body in a conscious, beautiful way that feels good every day. It is vital for your physical and mental health.


One more thing I encourage you to discover is the use of Hz frequencies. These soothing sounds subtly reprogram your subconscious mind by tuning it to a particular frequency. You can find a huge variety on YouTube. My favorite way to use them is by putting them on as I drift off to sleep at night. 432 Hz, which resonates with our planet’s electromagnetic frequency, is especially thought to promote self love and healing from within. Whenever I fall asleep to this, I wake up feeling calm and refreshed.

I hope these loving details will find a happy home in your self love routine. Please remember you are worthy of your attention and affection; you are worthy of being here, standing firmly on the earth! You are more than enough just as you are. You are a beautiful unique manifestation of life on this planet. Your existence is a sacred journey. Love yourself like the hero of your story you know you are!

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