Enchant your tea with this spell to chill you out

Did this last full moon feel especially intense for you? Maybe it’s just the state of the world right now, but something feels a little heavy in the aftermath of that SUPER PINK MOOOOOON!!!!!! Yes, I do have to say it like that, because that is how extra this moon was! I mean, look at this picture my friend Amy took of it rising above San Francisco!!!

Anyway, I think we all need to wind down a bit. Let’s just take things down a notch and chill tonight and make ourselves a cup of tea, okay? And while we’re at it, I’ll teach you a way to enchant your brew. Witches are excellent multitaskers, haven’t you heard?

When you boil water for your tea, picture it as becoming more and more infused with the power of your intentions – whatever blessings you would like to draw to you – as the water begins to bubble and steam. When it is ready, pour the water into a mug with your favorite tea, and visualize those blessings being poured into the cup, infused with the magic of the plant ingredients. If you would like to sweeten this offering even more, drizzle honey into your brew, stirring it clockwise three times for even more power of attraction. A mantra you can say silently or out loud is “I bless this tea, and this tea blesses me.” I like to repeat it three times for luck. As you drink the tea, visualize it as blessings flowing into your body, being absorbed into you and your life.

There is a lot of power in this simple spell. The ritual of making tea is already relaxing and nourishing for both body and soul. When you add the extra elements of magic and your intentions, you make a beautiful meditation out of what could be an ordinary activity. Please remember to treat yourself to moments like this often; the little details are what transform our everyday lives into magic.

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