Welcome to California Witchcraft!

After a whole lot of soul searching, I decided to make a few changes!

It’s time to get crystal clear on exactly what I’m doing here, so I updated the name of this website to more accurately reflect the particular type of magic we’ll be exploring together. California witchcraft is my signature blend of spiritual practices, cultivated over a lifetime of researching magical subjects while living near the Northern California coast. Just like our locals, it’s laid-back; there is no specific belief system it requires you to subscribe to, and I keep my rituals fairly simple for ease of use and maximum zen.

Practicing California witchcraft is half meditation, half magic. The spells and rituals I offer here are primarily meditations to help you focus your energy, boosted by the power of adding a mystical element to inspire and enhance the experience. Combining meditation and magic has brought me great inner peace and happiness since childhood, and it is this lovingly brewed concoction I am offering to you.

Mirroring the diversity of California’s landscape, this blog will be covering a vast array of magical topics to add extra layers of enchantment to your everyday life.

Just like California, my particular vein of magic looks on the bright side. We’re all about a healthy dose of sunshine out here, so all of the spellwork offered here will be for the “good witch” – focused on positive energy. I feel it is important to also assert that I am not here to preach blind positivity to a world that doesn’t want to hear it; I am here to remind a worn-out world that it is made of magic.

Living a magical life is a choice that is yours to make at any time, no matter what your circumstances are. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I did not have the easiest childhood. (I would joke about how you can tell from my tattoos, but we all know that’s BS – there are plenty of “normal” looking people who come from fucked up backgrounds.) I have always been an optimist, realizing early on that being happy is a choice independent of one’s external circumstances; I have worked through some serious shit to get to this a sunny state of mind! So I promise that while I will always lean towards the light, I’ll keep it real with you too. While positive intentions will be behind everything we cover here, some shadow work will be offered as well.

Influenced by a lifetime of immersion in the magic California has to offer, I will be heavily emphasizing the power of spending time in and around nature, and we’ll also wander into some groovy hot topics including psychedelia, body modification, and even the occasional kink. My goal in sharing this is to empower others to learn about and seek out the more ethereal aspects of life that can really enrich your experience here on this planet. Opening one’s heart to the current of deep mystery that runs beneath the veil of our everyday routines can allow life to become an ever-evolving adventure filled with infinite possibilities – and much more fun!

Now more than ever, with a global pandemic drastically changing our world, we need to recognize our ability to create a safe space within ourselves, regardless of what is happening outside us. While it’s important not to turn a blind eye to these external happenings, I want you to always have access to some good news. It is for this reason that I am hereby committing to writing to you daily for as long as the quarantine orders are in effect – we’re in this together, okay? I’ll be your witchy gal pal along the way, and together we can give a voice to the more playful, accessible side of the divinity that lies within all of us.

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