third eye

chakra challenge: 2020 vision for the third eye

Welcome to a weird weekend, where nothing makes sense anymore! Or is everything just making a different type of sense as we realize nothing is quite as it used to seem? Speaking of trippy thoughts, today we’ll be getting up close and personal with the third eye.

It’s pretty popular to refer to the “third eye” these days, but what does it mean? Conversationally, it is commonly referred to as the center of our intuition, the part of ourselves that can “see” beyond what our other senses can perceive. You may have heard about the third eye being either open or closed; when it is “open,” you are in touch with and aware of what this extra sense is perceiving, and when it is “closed,” this awareness is not quite present. This is something that is always subject to change and can certainly be developed through practice!

Generally when we refer to the third eye chakra, we think of the pituitary or “master” gland in the body, though this energy center is often thought to include the pineal gland as well. (We’ll be getting more in-depth about the pineal gland in tomorrow’s chat about the crown chakra.) The pituitary gland helps to monitor and maintain growth and balance in the body. This energy center affects our nervous system as well. For any of my super logical friends who might be reading this, just behind your forehead where the third eye chakra is located is the frontal lobe of your brain, another center of perception. Your mind-body connection is harmonized by a happy relationship with this energy center, so if you’re feeling foggy and want to expand your awareness for a more magical existence, please read on!

When your third eye chakra is opened up, your intuition is on point. You will notice connections between things, synchronicities, and subtle details that you might never have noticed before. The key to giving this “eye” space to open is by quieting the chatter of the mind and relaxing as much as possible to let this inner voice speak. Meditation, yoga, and entheogenic plants can also aid in the expansion of this awareness. Just like connecting with the inner voice of your heart, the more you listen for this guidance, the more it will speak. In addition to providing intuitive guidance, this energy center helps us to truly perceive the beauty in the world around us. The more beauty and positivity we surround ourselves with, the more this will stimulate the third eye to blossom open and allow us to perceive even more.

There are a few exercises I really love to help strengthen awareness of the third eye. The first is to close your eyes and look up. This shuts you out from the outside world while bringing your attention to the physical center of this chakra. This practice is popular during Kundalini yoga, during which you are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with eyes closed and upward to help stimulate and develop this energy center. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend checking out Kundalini yoga, as it is a magical meditative practice that can also be a great workout for the body as well as the mind, and it feels absolutely magical. I really enjoy finding classes through Gaia, as they have a fairly extensive Kundalini section. I have been doing this pretty much every day for over a year now and it has made me feel so magical and in touch with my intuition!

You guys also know by now I love meditating with a crystal placed on an energy center, and one of my favorite ways to do this is by lying down with a crystal on my forehead. I find this incredibly calming because the sensation is cooling and comforting, and the gentle weight on your third eye center will remind you to keep your attention there. This is one of my favorite ways to quiet and open my mind before sleep. Some of my favorite crystals for this practice include selenite, amethyst, clear quartz, and labradorite.

Awakening the third eye is definitely one of the biggest steps you can take to make your life truly a magical experience. I promise that with patience and dedication, you will discover a whole new layer of magic to the world by cultivating a relationship with this aspect of yourself.

There is more to life than what you’ve been told! Wake up, open all your eyes, and step into your most magical life.

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