crown chakra

chakra challenge: crowning glory

Welcome back to the final episode of our chill chakra challenge! I hope you have enjoyed getting to know your energy on a deeper level this week! To cap it all off (literally), today we are chatting about the crown chakra.

Picture a magical fabulous ball of swirling light located at the tippy-top of your head, with sparkling particles softly floating through it, in a constant state of connection with the universe. That is my favorite way to picture the crown chakra, which is generally thought of as located at the top of the head (where you would wear a crown!), also encompassing the mysterious pineal gland. The pineal gland is one of the most ethereal aspects of the physical body; it produces melatonin and is thought to contain our body’s naturally produced DMT, influencing dreams and some of the more psychedelic aspects of the human experience. Spiritually, the crown chakra symbolizes the connection our consciousness has with the bigger picture, the consciousness that collectively encompasses all life itself.

Connecting with your crown chakra is vital to obtain a greater context of what it is to be alive and on this planet. If you’re asking the big questions, looking for a deeper meaning to it all, or just plain having an existential crisis, it’s time to reconnect with this energy center and portal to the infinite.

How does one do that? Pursuits of higher consciousness! We have spent this week focusing on various areas of the body, but it is time to lift that awareness to encompass the whole of BEING. To connect with your whole self – which is not just your individual life form, but the whole cosmos you are a part of – you must allow yourself to step outside of your everyday thought patterns into an expanded state.

This is the magic of meditation! Being able to shift your focus allows for new perspectives and wisdom to enrich your existence. I would also like to add that psychedelics (when used safely and responsibly) can greatly help in facilitating this “opening-up” of the mind. If you can step outside your concept of self for even a few moments, you will see that everything is made up of tiny vibrating particles that rearrange themselves to create matter in an ever-changing cosmic dance, and you are an arrangement of these same particles, and you are a part of everything because you ARE everything. You are not just a life form, YOU ARE LIFE ITSELF!

So what steps can we take to reconnect to the bigger picture? Anything that puts you in a more open, relaxed, meditative state of mind can be helpful. To remind myself that I am in a magical universe, I like to make wherever I am look magical. Creating a dedicated altar space to keep crystals, candles, and other sacred objects helps to create a physical space for this idea. My favorite crown chakra crystals include moonstone, amethyst, selenite, and clear quartz. Exploring different mind states through meditation or other methods is an excellent way to expand your awareness. If you would like to try something mild that will gently open your mind to a more ethereal state, I highly recommend trying blue lotus tea, which is a very gentle (and legal) entheogen that has been used since the Ancient Egyptians to create a soft and colorful waking dream-state. You can certainly expand your awareness without external aid, but sometimes a little wavy plant energy can be helpful to point you in the right direction.

Funny story – and this might be the most “woo” thing I’ve said yet on here – there was a time several years ago when I was caught up in the school / work / life whirlwind and before I knew it, all my meditative and spiritual practices had been set aside for quite some time. I knew something in my life had to change, and I was having that nagging existential tug that I needed something MORE… I started frequently experiencing a physical sensation at the top of my head, as if someone was softly running their fingers from the crown of my head down my scalp. It was a tingly feeling that seemed to come out of nowhere, and kept happening more and more frequently. I kid you not, I almost went to the doctor thinking something was wrong with my scalp! But I was talking to a spiritual friend and she mentioned that it could be a call to wake up and reconnect with the universe… so I did! I created time in my schedule for meditation, read more books on spiritual subjects, and created an altar space in my home so I would always have a physical reminder of the magic that lies beyond the veil of everyday life. As I welcomed higher consciousness back into my life, the tingles started to subside as if appeased, and now only seem to come along when my intuition is telling me to pay particular attention to something.

Especially now that most of us are isolating ourselves physically, connecting with the crown chakra and a greater context for life is vital. Once you realize you are a part of all that is, you will never feel alone.

So there you have it – we have now worked our way up through all seven main chakras or energy centers in the body! I hope you are enjoying your yummy new expanded sense of self. See you soon for more magical adventures!

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