throat chakra

chakra challenge: find your voice

Welcome back witches!

It’s Friday which used to mean something to some people! But today it mostly just means that we are going to be checking in with the throat chakra for the fifth episode of this very informal but fun late-night chakra challenge!

The throat chakra is our energy center that facilitates our communication. Just as all atoms vibrate to create all that is, your throat is where your vocal chords vibrate to speak your voice and story into existence. When it is in harmony, we are able to communicate our thoughts well with others, speaking our truth. Feeling “choked up” or held back from being able to express oneself is a sign of a throat chakra imbalance.

Honestly, this is an area where I have really struggled. Unfortunately it can be all to easy to convince yourself that what you have to say is not important, and to let your voice be quieted by the noise of the world. But I know that I have things to say to help contribute a little more happiness and magic to a world that desperately needs it, and I know you do too. There is so much fear and bad news right now, and I think the world could use more balance in the voices it is hearing. This is why I have committed to share more about what matters to me and what I feel is important to contribute to the world’s consciousness.

Please consider this: You are on this planet as a unique expression of life and you have your own unique expression to give to this world. Your story is just as valid and worthy of sharing as anyone’s. So please join me in creating a kinder narrative for the world by speaking a little love into it. One amazing way to start, and this is so important always, is to communicate to your loved ones that you love and appreciate them. Say what you need to say (kindly!) to those around you. And let’s commit to never be afraid to live or speak our truth.

One mini meditation I love to do as a reminder to stay true to the energy of my throat chakra and communicate in a way that is true to myself is to hold a crystal gently to the front of my throat and close my eyes for a few breaths, feeling the coolness of the crystal and mentally picturing it as opening up a clear channel of energy and communication in the form of a blue light. If you can, wear the crystal or keep it with you throughout the day to support your intention to communicate with clarity. Some of my favorite crystals for this are lapis lazuli, aquamarine (also my birth stone, heyyy!), turquoise, celestite, and quartz.

That is the message my throat chakra has compelled to share with you today! I’ll see you tomorrow at some ungodly hour to dish on the third eye!

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