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chakra challenge: a reminder to live from the heart

Hello and welcome to the wrinkle of time in which this blog post now exists! I’m glad you’ve stumbled into this little internet wormhole because today we’re chatting about a subject that is near and dear to my heart: the heart chakra!

A wide variety of ancient indigenous traditions from around the world have passed down wisdom that the soul, our connection to consciousness as a whole, resides within the heart. Scientifically, studies have indicated that the heart holds its own form of consciousness apart from our brains and can even predict future events. There is a measurable electromagnetic field that emanates for up to nine feet from around the heart. In addition to physically pumping our blood through our bodies, literally giving us life, the heart is associated with our greater connection to all life itself.

Because your heart is connected to the infinite source of wisdom that is our collective consciousness, it is the center for your intuition. By taking quiet time with yourself to allow the thoughts of the mind to subside, perhaps by meditating or spending time in nature, you can tune in to the deep inner knowing that resides within your heart. The more you start to listen to your intuition, the more often and more clearly you will begin to hear it. That is why when you feel guided to do something, you could say you are acting “from the heart.” There is wisdom in your heart – a connection you innately possess to a greater source of knowledge – that can guide you if you open up to it.

When you are truly living from the heart, you are acting in a way that is true to what you know deep down inside you is the right path. When you have a hunch about something, it’s usually correct, isn’t it? I’m not saying to act impulsively on every whim, but I am saying to give yourself credit to trust yourself to know that you know the right thing to do. Having an open heart also means perceiving the joy and beauty in existence, being grateful for the present moment, and truly BEING love – not just romantic love, but feeling one’s essence as a compassionate love for all beings.

I know life can sometimes make us forget to listen to our hearts. There are so many voices around us that tell us so many things, but please take this opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom! With much of the world in chaos, we need to connect with our inner sage more than ever, and now that many of us are living quieter lives for the time being, we have the chance to do so. One exercise I highly recommend to open your mind up to living from the heart is the Heart-Opening Breath. This meditation is from a book I highly highly HIGHLY recommend, The Magnificent Soul by George Walter Chyz. It goes into extraordinary detail about the power of living from the heart and is a very uplifting read that gives a greater sense of context for existence.

There are plenty of small things you can do that can help open up your heart in a big way. Stretching, especially any stretch that opens up your arms, shoulders, and chest, is an excellent way to physically feel a pleasant sensation of opening outward from the heart. Doing something you love and truly enjoying it, firmly rooted in the present moment and deeply grateful for it, is an awesome way to feel the sensation of living a joyful life from the heart! One of my very favorite ways to connect with my heart and truly sense that deep-rooted love for life is to spend time around a plant. If you can spend some time close to a plant, any plant, whether it’s somewhere (safe) in nature or a plant in your house, please take some time to be near it and observe it. The more you spend time around loving earth energies, the more you will connect with all loving earth energy, and that resonates with the frequency of the heart chakra. And speaking of loving energy, some crystals that can compliment your heart-opening practice are rose quartz (my personal favorite!), pink tourmaline, malachite, aventurine, and jade.

On a very real note, humanity is in the midst of a crisis that is making us consider how precious our lives are more so than ever before. So now is the time to say this, and I don’t care if it sounds cheesy! Please live your life from your heart, and joy will always find a way to find you!

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